iainf2010 5:14pm, 11 February 2011
Hi all,

I was thinking that as at least most of the members of this group are living in and around the Godalming area it might be nice to organize an informal gathering at some point in the near future. The idea being just to meet other local photographers and perhaps exchange ideas, so I wanted to gauge the level of interest in something like this initially then we can argue about dates and venue etc (the town clerk has offered the Pepperpot upper room as a suggestion).

Please reply to this thread rather than Flickr mail's so everyone can see the level of interest (or not)

Drift Words 7 years ago
yes quite possibly
novus2007 7 years ago
Sorry for very late reply but I have not checked into Flickr for some time. I would attend a meeting if I'm free. However, seeing that you've only got 1 other reply here, this meeting will probably not happen.
iainf2010 7 years ago
Well who knows, lets see if we get any more by the end of March lets say and see what happens!
Drift Words 7 years ago
good things take time ...
BarbAnna1 PRO 7 years ago
You can count me in too! It would be nice to meet other local photographers.
iainf2010 7 years ago
Looks like we are gaining some momentum now :)

How does towards the end of April sound to people in order to allow (hopefully) a few more people to notice this post and join in?
Dionissi2010 PRO 7 years ago
Only just seen this myself. Sounds like a good idea to me...count me in.
Drift Words 7 years ago
Really hotting up now. I feel a Doodle poll coming on ...
iainf2010 7 years ago
A doodle poll??
Fromo99 7 years ago
Sound like a good idea to me too. If I'm around on the chosen date, I'd come along.
Drift Words Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Drift Words (member) 7 years ago
doodle is a website for fixing meeting dates, wherein a poll can be established. I'll run around and set one up, with a range of weekend dates from now through to the May bank holidays.
(/runs around) here you go ...

Dionissi2010 PRO 7 years ago
I've stuck a couple of dates in doodle to start us off.
iainf2010 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by iainf2010 (member) 7 years ago
@Drift Words - thanks for doing that should make selecting a date much easier!

As a reminder, the Town clerk has offered us the use of the town council rooms as a meeting place should we want and they are free which may be a good meeting point rather than wearing a carnation and standing under a clock somewhere with a camera :)
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