rvacapinta 7:53pm, 12 December 2006
Many of you might remember her from GNE where she went by her name - leslie.

Her photostream is here:

Some more detail here:

I did find an old art installation of hers, archived:

Smells Like GNE Spirit.
1242 inconceivably powerful breathmints. Located in the canning room of Steinbeck's Cannery, Port Dentry.
Artist leslie.
rvacapinta 12 years ago
Also she was the founder of Renaissance Trivia. In November 2002 she wrote:

"Due to a generous grant form the Kallese® Foundation and viewers like you, there’s a new game in town. That town is Stencilton and that game is Renaissance Trivia (also known when I’m tired as “tricia,” because I can not type well.)

In Renaissance Times, artists were endowed by wealthy patrons. The trivia game works like this: When i am logged on and things are quiet, I will begin a 3-20 question game of trivia for which the prizes are donated by generous sponsors. Thus far, we have had prizes donated by James, Yeoz, OldTasty, Capodistria and likely others I am (I’m sorry!) forgetting and a healthy endowment for the undertaking has been provided by the generous Kallese as well. Both before and after the question, the sponsor is announced.

Most prizes have been paper, but some have included bonus materials, like Bras, Whips, GNEs, genomes and other fabulous gifts. All in the game at the time of the competitions are welcome to play. If you’d like to donate prize materials please IM me when you hand thenm over so I can properly credit you at the time your questions are used in the game. Topics range from the high minded to the low brow, and when a question is answered incorrectly, the prize is either combined with the next prize for the following question (lightning rounds, comprised of 5 questions or fewer) or returned to the pool(longer games with 5+ questions.)

It should be noted that the term “Renaissance” applies to the method of sponsorship and not the topics covered in the game, although occasionally period specific questions have arisen. This is an ongoing “performance” that hopefully is both fun and puts out some valuable “cash” prizes. "
Yogi 12 years ago
Whoa... what happened? Or was this not an unexpected thing for those that knew her?
thirsty spy [deleted] 12 years ago
I did not know her, but this eulogy
seems to have a bit more detail on her death.
Scott Swanson 11 years ago
My lord. GNE's community was as close to a spontaneous extended family as I ever found in 20 years of online experiences. To hear of any of us that have passed, even if you didn't know them personally well... it's disquieting, to say the least.

A somber happy new year to the rest of GNEverybody. Keep the friendships alive while you can, huh?
styler* PRO 11 years ago
oh my :(

has anyone heard from traducer?
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