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mikescottnz ADMIN March 24, 2014
Gmo free staple crops/organic food.No 'genetic engineering free world /food safety' link we remove it .The global ethical campaign goes on , please add a TAG to your photo/art "gmo free ,'non gmo' or equivalent in your language. Spread the word on gmo labeling in USA, grow your own food.Updates:


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"A new study from GMO researcher and molecular biologist Gilles-Éric Séralini, PhD, shows that the first commercialized genetically modified crop in 1996 may have been toxic to farm animals—but the evidence was swept under the rug." mikescottnzPRO 0 mikescottnz 6 days ago
Next US president , no dynasties required , not another Bush nor a Clinton.Stance on 'food' labels or non gmo food? mikescottnzPRO 3 mikescottnzPRO 11 days ago
TPP protests Malaysia,NZ,Chile,Peru & Argentina ...one is going non gmo /free solar power to the poor , the other has been scorched by pesticide overuse/gmo food side effects mikescottnzPRO 2 mikescottnzPRO 17 days ago
USA & NZ commercial trials of GE trees- Update 2010/2012 : New Zealand - 'Scion company' re-approval given; again no insurance to cover risk mikescottnzPRO 21 mikescottnzPRO 23 days ago
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Write to your senator in US re the DARK act on gmo labels by Pompeo mikescottnzPRO 4 mikescottnzPRO 2 months ago
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GMO Salmon petition ; 'AquaBounty' genetically engineered Atlantic salmon trials: now in USA? (2) Jeffrey Smith's comment on his and Dr Michael Hansen's appearance on the Dr. Oz Show in the USA, in which they were pitted against GM lobbyist Pam Ronald mikescottnzPRO 15 mikescottnzPRO 3 months ago
Vindicated and re-published! French Study proves Monsanto GMO Round-Up Ready Corn Can Cause Damage to Liver & Kidneys & Severe Hormonal Disruption DawnOnePRO 4 mikescottnzPRO 4 months ago

Group Description

The group is about protecting access to healthy foods that have not been genetically engineered; that is non-GMOs (non-genetically modified or non-genetically engineered GE organisms; non-transgenic or inter-species).
It is a basic human right , firstly, to avoid poorly tested foods and secondly to avoid supporting companies pushing increased reliance on chemicals and patented GE seed that threatens sustainability in the environment.Country of origin and GM labelling are both important for traceability and consumer choice or protection. Medical use of GMOs (such as micro-organisms to make insulin) is generally in a contained laboratory and does not spread though the environment and food chain. But GMOs present a serious threat in food as some of our global food regulators have been co-opted by the food giants in industry to benefit the companies rather than the consumer, or farmers, or the natural environment. Remember the tobacco companies arrogance was the same.We are all part of a collective, inter-dependent human culture and we don't have to sit back.

Gmo or GE free staple crops/ organic foods
Great site: www.gmwatch.org/

What is GE or are gmos ?

Medical justifications: Genetic engineering is often minimized to make it seem less intrusive or is glossed over with euphemism , more 'scientific' sounding hype such as "recombinant DNA technology", allows speculator companies-scientists to primitively "pluck genes" like lego blocks (segments of DNA) from "one type of organism and combine them with genes of a second organism" . In this way, "relatively simple organisms such as bacteria or yeast, or even mammalian cells in culture and mammals such as goats and sheep, can be induced to make quantities of human proteins, including hormones such as insulin. Micro-organisms can also be "made" to manufacture proteins from infectious agents such as the hepatitis virus or other virus, for possible use in vaccines".

The Role of Micro-organisms in Genetic Engineering..
"Genetic engineering relies essentially on the ability to manipulate molecules in vitro. Most biomolecules exist in low concentrations & as complex, mixed populations which it is not possible to work with effectively. This problem was "solved" in 1970-1996 using the molecular biologist's favourite bug, Escherichia coli , (E.coli ) a normally innocuous commensal occupant of the human gut. By inserting a piece of DNA of interest into a vector molecule, i.e. a molecule with a bacterial origin of replication, when the whole recombinant construction is introduced into a bacterial host cell, a large number of identical copies is produced. Together with the rapid growth of bacterial colonies all derived from a single original cell bearing the recombinant vector, in a short time (e.g. a few hours) a large amount of the DNA of interest is 'produced'. This can be purified from contaminating bacterial DNA easily & the resulting product is said to have been 'cloned'. Most vector molecules were originally derived from one of two sources:

Plasmids - small, autonomously replicating circular pieces of bacterial DNA, which often carry antibiotic-resistance genes. ****
Bacteriophages (phages) - viruses which infect bacteria. "

Sadly, there are parts of the world where unlabelled GMO maybe in the processed Food Chain, the extent tends to be exaggerated so consumers will be soften up to this 'profit for some' idea, and no one really knows what health effects they might have... In one discussion thread,located here, after ten years a US MEDICAL Environmental association is now (May 2009) warning people to avoid GMO processed or bearing foods,some years after the BMA.

Their recommendations:
* A moratorium on GMO food; implementation of immediate long term safety testing and labelling of GMO food.
* Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community and the public to avoid GMO foods.
* Physicians to consider the role of GMO foods in their patients' disease processes.
* More independent long term scientific studies to begin gathering data to investigate the role of GMO foods on human health.

See renoun and credible responsible scientists/physicians site:
htttp://www.i-sis.org.uk ,

In the book 'Corrupt to the Core' the Canadian based Dr Shiva Chopra' mentions the five steps or pillars to food safety which would leave foods and crops close to pre the so-called 'green revolution' of the 1950s and 60s or they'd retain their organic status... :

(Make no mistake, true ORGANIC foods/crops can NOT CO-EXIST with gmos despite the attempt in the US recently to blur both definitions and world standards) .

....exclusion of
SLAUGHTERHOUSE WASTE ( the rendered carcases which are/were fed back to the same bovine or cattle species as feed , prompting BSE etc , prion diseases etc)

Yet the GMO 'Horse has not already bolted' as the 'NZ Royal Commission on GM' tried to claim during 2001-2003. Some processed foods that did have independent testing, for say, GM soya bean, cottonseed oils, gmo induced bovine growth hormone in milk (rBGH) , or corn were not health enhancing .'Aspartamine' an artificial sweetener seems an (early as 1981-86?) unsafe GMO production process that remains on the market despite concerns for its human cancer profile; after animal studies.


Zero tolerance is the safest bet for any genetic foods experiment , at this stage, not even 0.1% GE contamination allowance can be permissible without authentic longitudinal testing being done independently by scientists, their peer reviews with the public.

The ownership of heritage plant seeds, indigenous patents, bio-piracy, the adding of more chemicals in the Earth such as 'Roundup' in the environment are some of the facets of this complex issue...that includes increasing 'globalisation' the so-called 'free trade' deals and the impending threat of the 'Codex Alimentarius' (a post World War II food safety solution or more like an ironic WTO and UN cartel of control and protectionism? ).

We would like see this public green-aware group to be a pool for Documentary Photos, Artwork & Fun Stuff, posters etc.The issues here are less than twenty years old and this group is approaching three years old in March 2012.

We invite anybody to share & create pictures, graphics etc about:
a GMO Free World (GE free) and more organics.

The contribution can be Art, Fun Stuff, Cartoons, Photos to educate People about GMOs, Activists in Actions, Happenings, Conferences World Wide anything that supports, promotes the 'precautionary principle' approach including:

About Projects that support a sustainable organic future,
People and Organic Nature.... Create your own statement and post it here.

If you a creative Soul and would like to support this cause! You could use your inspiration to make Logos, Collages, Pictures ...

DONATE A PICTURE.** Ensure you ask for the original photographers permission if using the photo outside of Flickr !! And make sure the link is back to Flicker as well .**

If you like to support the Cause. Donate a Picture to US.. How? Give it a 'Creative Commons' copyright that enables anybody to use as freely (unless wanted for commercial use) and with your name... Detailed Info how this works is on 'Flickr and what the Creative Commons is: www.flickr.com/creativecommons/

What it does, People who like it can use it , for their activities...

I am a member of GMO Free Kauai & HawaiiSeed.org and WE are anybody out there wondering about GMO's, safety, anyone who is wanting to join the group...

Here in the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific, the Taro plant ,indigenous to the Pacific, maybe under threat from patents or 'biopiracy' of cultural or intellectual property rights ; we have a lot of field trials and notice some major failures happening, often little reported or in mainstream media. Contamination or genetic pollution , horizontal gene transfer , prion-like diseases , the way these Pharmaceutical or Biotech' Company's operate with 'spin', hyped claims and millions to spend on commercial propaganda , it's how they work etc.... use of FDA in USA recently legitimizing 'in house' , "research"...

Other ordinary People have other Stories about this.. This is a Flickr Space to Share it.... from 16/3/09 a maximum of 4 submissions each day, per person.

Much Love, AstridB


(with info' added by MikeS, links to GEfree NZ)
Let your family, friends and contacts know so they can join, disseminate or contribute.From Aucklands 'Sweetwaters' festival revival in Jan' 1999 came the local branch action of 'GEfreeNZ' initially called 'Rage':
"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world ,indeed its the only thing that ever has" (Margaret Mead).
"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity" (Nikola Tesla).

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