dtschump 8:58pm, 16 December 2013
New features:

- New command '-puzzle' and associated plug-in filter 'Arrays & tiles / Puzzle' :

gmic_puzzle2 by dtschump

- New command '-map_sprites' and associated plug-in filter 'Patterns / Op art', that replaces image pixels by various shapes.

gmic_shapes_all2 by dtschump

- New command '-detect_skin' and associated plug-in filter 'Colors / Detect skin', that tries to detect pixels of skin in portrait images.

gmic_detect_skin by Ronounours

- New filter 'Repair / Smooth [skin]' in the GIMP plug-in. It allows to automatically smooth people skin in portrait images.

gmic_smooth_skin by dtschump

- Update of the filter 'Details / Details equalizer'. It allows to apply various image transformations on different levels of details.

gmic_details_equalizer by dtschump


- Command '-bilateral' : second argument (sigma_r) now accepts an additional %.
- Additional debug informations are now integrated by default when a custom command file is loaded. It allows the interpreter to locate more precisely (filename + line number) when error occur in an external source file. Very useful for developers of G'MIC commands.
- Command '-otsu' returns the list of used thresholds in the status.
- Work has been done to reduce the required heap memory for the compilation.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed bug in command '-display' for the display of images with nan values.

How about add a selection, for instance, 'skin color tone' as the plug-in enhancement. It is cool new plug-in anyway.
Ronounours 4 years ago
* Update : 2014/01/08 : Final release!
otto06217-1 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by otto06217-1 (member) 4 years ago
New G'MIC Ubuntu packages - from Precise to Trusty - and its derivates are ready.
belzecue [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by belzecue (member) 4 years ago
Hi, folks. I downloaded Win-64bit to update my GMIC install. I copied over the new files. GMIC failed to load on GIMP startup because it couldn't find "libpng16-16.dll" -- that file is in the zip package but it has the name "libpng16-16__.dll". When I removed the trailing underscores, GMIC then loaded successfully without errors.

There's another file in the zip package that contains trailing underscores: "liblzma-5__.dll" Should I remove those underscores from the filename too?

lylejk 4 years ago
I see the trailing underscore files now that you pointed that out; I just compiled from git and this is what was returned belzecue. Maybe David can elaborate on this (have no clue; just a compiler and heavily depended on samj and David to make these compiles). The plugin itself works fine and I just transferred the plugin to my plugins directory in GIMP (which is what I use to just share but folk complained that they didn't have the dlls needed so just shared the whole compile directory now). Sorry for any issues that may have caused folk issues.
dtschump Posted 4 years ago. Edited by dtschump (admin) 4 years ago
I don't have a clue about what is going on.
Those windows mysteries are always puzzling me.

[complaint mode]
For years, I've been wishing that G'MIC gets an easy-to-install package for WIn64 platforms (and for Mac OS too :) ).
I know Karsten already puts a lot of efforts in achieving this for Mac OS versions, but for Windows, nobody is working on this.
[/complaint mode]

If someone skilled enough to make this hears me, please please, contribute to the G'MIC project, we are somehow desperate about this issue ! The same issue happens, again and again :(
lylejk 4 years ago
My sentiments exactly David. I just wish I was programmer savvy; just an avid and greatful user trying to contribute if possible, but I have no clue when it comes to compiling programs and just trip and stumble (literally fake) my way through things with a lot of help of course. :)
otto06217-1 4 years ago
Give me a clue and I try to build Windows 64 packages.

dtschump 4 years ago
Thorsten, what I would suggest for a potential Windows packager is probably to use the same technique we use for 32bits packages, i.e. use the InnoSetup package builder, with the following configuration file :

Maybe this can help.
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