Ronounours 5:18pm, 26 November 2012
Hi folks,
Another small update, with some improvements and bug fixes.
Enjoy !

New features:

- New native command '-vanvliet' to apply the recursive Vanvliet filter (accurate gaussian filter of order 0,1,2 or 3) on selected images. Thanks to Jérome Boulanger for his contribution.
- New filter 'Patterns / Lava', which create a lava pattern over an image ((backported to Example of rendering :

- New filter 'Deformations / Raindrop' :

- New filter 'Artistic / Poster edges':

Improvements / Optimizations:

- Added a simple test to optimize the check for a custom command call. Shame on me I should have done it a long time ago.
- Changed the formatting of the printed images outputs (command '-print' and '-display').
- Added small hack to force the resize of the display window under X11.
- Variables and commands lookup procedure has been optimized, so accessing/modifying variables should be (slightly!) faster.

Bug fixes:

- Negative indices for commands arguments (as $-2) were sometimes not working. This has been fixed.
- Invoking '$0' in a command that was not intended to take arguments were not possible.
- Multiple copies of images with name having brackets [] were adding multiple '~' symbols to the names, instead of a single one. This has been fixed.


- Now, I will use the Google+ page of G'MIC to post some advances in progress on the G'MIC project.
karo03 5 years ago
I have just uploaded a plugin (zipped, not in dmg) from my hacker kitchen for Mac Lion&SL 64bit, feasible for GimponOSX 2.8.2. It is compiled with MacPorts, but linked against the libraries in the Gimp application package.

Perhaps there are interested Mac Gimp users?

gmic_gimp has to be copied to ${HOME}/Library/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins/
Ronounours 5 years ago
* Update 2012/12/03 : Final release !
Forest ( Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Forest ( (member) 5 years ago

Great! Yes, I would be really very interested, indeed… I am on Snow Leopard 10.6.8, and I'm stuck to G'MIC on Partha's McGimp, at present (or on GImponOSX)…

Where could I find your zipped plug-in, please?

EDIT: I have just found it on the G'MIC downloads. Karo03, thank you really very much! It's the only way for me to use the latest version of G'MIC (besides using G'MIC online)!! Thank you!
Borderizo PRO 5 years ago
Do you know of issues when using G.MIC with GIMP 2.8 on Windows7? Anysotropic Smoothing is not working. Most other filters do.
Ronounours 5 years ago
That's the first time I hear about most filters not working.
What version of the plug-in do you use ? On which machine, which OS/bits, etc... ?
Borderizo PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Borderizo (member) 5 years ago
Most filters DO work. Windows 7 Machine, GIMP 2.8 AMD E2 Machine.
The filters I found not working are in the Experimental submenu
Ronounours 5 years ago
Ha OK, in the experimental submenu, there are probably some experimental stuffs that are not working indeed :p
I will check that.
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