Ronounours 11:08am, 17 August 2012
Hi there,

I'm really happy to announce the last version of the 1.5.1.x serie of the G'MIC package. Next version will be
Here is the Changelog. Nothing really serious, as G'MIC is now quite stable :

New features :

- Added commands '-med', '-mad', '-variance_noise', 'resize_pow2' and '-denoise_haar'. Thanks to Jerome Boulanger for his contribution.

-med : Return the median value of the last selected image.
-mad : Return the MAD (Maximum Absolute Deviation) of the last selected image. The MAD is defined as MAD = med_i|x_i-med_j(x_j)|
-variance_noise : Return the estimated noise variance of the last selected image.
-resize_pow2 : _interpolation,_boundary,_ax,_ay,_az,_ac
Resize selected images so that each dimension is a power of 2.
-denoise_haar : _threshold>=0,_nb_scales>=0,_cycle_spinning>0
Denoise selected image using haar-wavelet thresholding with cycle spinning. Set 'nb_scales==0' to automatically determine the optimal number of scales. Default values : 'nb_scale=0', 'threshold=1.4' and 'cycle_spinning=10'.
Example(s) : image.jpg -noise 20 -c 0,255 --denoise_haar[-1] 0,0.8

- Added filter 'Enhancement / Smooth [wavelets]' in the plug-in, allowing to smooth / denoise images.

- Added command '-blur_selective' and associated filter 'Enhancement / Smooth [selective gaussian]' in the plug-in, to smooth an image using selective gaussian scales for edge-preserving denoising.

- Added command '-autocrop_seq' to autocrop a sequence of image according to the cropping geometry of the last one.
- Added command '-x_tetris', which implements a simple version of the famous Tetris game in G'MIC. This is a nothing else than a showcase.

Bug fixes :

- Small bug fixed in '-help' command when invoked from the command line.
- Fixed bug in command '-wait' when specified delay is negative. The event flush is now done *before* waiting, instead of after the delay.
- + Various tiny fixes :p
zonderr 4 years ago
It is not possible to test those new things, is it?
Ronounours 4 years ago
What things exaclty ? The Wavelet filter is already available for the plug-in users (, and all other commands are available from the commands file :
zonderr Posted 4 years ago. Edited by zonderr (moderator) 4 years ago
I speak about '-med', '-mad', '-variance_noise', 'resize_pow2' and '-denoise_haar'.

I can't see them there :

And I am not able to download version there:
Ronounours 4 years ago
Yes, the documentation hasn't been updated as is in its early stage :p
Now you should be able to do this with, and make all things working :

- First get the latest 'gmic_def.1519' command file :

gmic raw:,uchar -o raw:gmic_def.1519,uchar

Now you can get help and use the new commands :

gmic -m gmic_def.1519 -h med


gmic -m gmic_def.1519 lena.bmp --denoise_haar

There are no new native commands in, so the interpreter is able to execute all commands from the command file.
zonderr 4 years ago
Thank you!
Ronounours 4 years ago
* Update 2012/08/29 : Final release !
Forest ( 4 years ago
I cannot see on Sourceforge any Macgmic file more recent than the version: do you think that they will be built and released in the and versions? That was really a convenient way to install the G'MIC plug-in on Gimp, for me…
Ronounours 4 years ago
Hi Forest,
Karsten, the guy behind the Mac packages is now retired, and I guess he has more interesting things to do than packaging G'MIC for Mac :p
So, I cannot say if the latest release will be build on Mac, sorry.
karo03 4 years ago
In fact, David is right, I have more interesting things to do.

However, I plan to update gmic still. Unluckily the holiday schedule of Germany/Bavaria and France is quite different. When David returned boasting with new ideas and improvements, I went just into holiday (and I am still), retired or not, my wife is teacher ...

Concerning gmic_gimp: On Mountain Lion I tested just Gimp (native) with the inbuilt gmic-plugin. It looks quite good, version Possibly you have to delete the old plugin under ~/Library/GIMP/plug-in/gmic_gimp. Seemingly the content of ~/Library/Application Support/Gimp is copied to that new directory. If you cannot see the gmic Filter try to start Gimp from the command line: /Applications/ . I got a message of duplicate plugin gmic_gimp with an error of a missing library.

Since the GimponOSX maintainer has taken the plugin into the Gimp bundle, I will not prepare anymore the plugin. This makes the things much easier for me and I would appreciate if users of Gimp and the gmic plugin could support a bit the maintainer. I think Simone has spent a tremendous amount of work into this. More than a year ago she had asked for help. But seemingly there was no Mac Gimp user willing or able!
karo03 4 years ago
I have now started for Snow Leopard and Lion the build procedures of This is only a temporary solution, the new Gimp builds will have there own inbuilt plugin. The plugin from me will work only for the Gimp 2.6 versions of GimponOSX.

As far as the new Gimp versions are functional I will build only the command procedure.
Ronounours 4 years ago
Thanks for these precision Karsten, and again, thanks a lot for all the work you've done on providing a working G'MIC plug-in for the Mac users.
Forest ( 4 years ago
Thank you very much for your help and advice.
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