Ronounours 8:31pm, 11 August 2012
Hi there,
One new post-holidays version :)
Nothing fancy here, except some bug corrections and optimizations. Enjoy !

New features :

- New command '-barycenter' to compute the barycenter point of an arbitrary shape.

- New command '-transition3d', and associated plug-in entry 'Sequence / 3d transition', that creates a transition sequence between 2 images (backported to []) :

Improvements :

- Selection parser used when invoking commands (e.g. as in '-blur[0-3]' ) has been recoded and optimized.
- Ending local environments (command '-endl') has been optimized a lot, particularly when the current image list contains a lot of images.
- Command '-help' has been improved and optimized.
- Command '-append' is now able to append one particular specified image to all selected images, with expression as '-append[1,2] [0],y,0.5'.

Bug fixes :

- Fixed bug in Tiff loader, for certain types of tiff files. Thanks to Jérome Boulanger for his patch.
Ronounours 3 years ago
* 08/14 : Final release.
lylejk 3 years ago
Cool that the 64-bit version's already at Sourceforge. Usually go to samj's site to get it; first time I actually got it from the G'MIC's file site. Thanks again for the continues support of this gem David. Not sure about the new features, but still, the more the merrier. :)
Royi Avital 3 years ago
Could you offer the 32Bit Plug In as a ZIP as well?
Ronounours 3 years ago
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