Ronounours 10:00am, 25 May 2012
New features :

- New command '-frame_painting' and its associated plug-in entry 'Arrays & Frames / Painting frame', which adds a new kind of frame around selected images :

- New command '-gaussians3d', transform a 3d object as a set of gaussian-shaped transparent 3d sprites. Very useful to visualize density clouds from point clouds. Here's an exemple of color distribution displayed this way :

- New filter 'Colors / Lomo' in the plug-in for GIMP, which simulates a Lomo effect :

Improvements / Modifications :

- Slightly improved the support of big images for few comparison operators.
- Command '-colorcube3d' now generates a filled cube instead of a wireframe one.
- Improved the presentation of the image results in the reference documentation.
- Command '-append_tiles' has now automatic modes that create tiled images in a horizontal or vertical orientation.
- As OpenCV libraries are causing some troubles (library names have been changed recently, and some packages has the old names while others have the new ones), I disable the OpenCV-based features in Debian-packaged versions of G'MIC. It will be re-activated when every Debian-based distros will use the new names (OpenCV is only used to access the webcam stream, in G'MIC).
- Command '-balls3d' has been removed.
- Command '-elevation3d' has been slightly modified. When passing a 'formula' as an argument, the elevation is performed on the selected image, instead of building a new 3d object.
- Command '-colors3d' can now take one or two arguments only, respectively the level of gray, or the R,G[,0] components of the 3d object.
- Improved command '-file_rand' so that simultaneous calls to 'gmic' do not generate same filenames.
- Reorganized a little bit the filter tree for the GIMP plug-in.

Bug corrections :

- Patched the CImg library so that keeping a key pressed over a display window won't generate 'KeyRelease' events. Thanks to Jerome for pointing this out to me !
- Corrected command '-display_histogram', so that a min value can be specified for the histogram computation.
- Corrected command '-elevation3d' when invoked without arguments.
- Corrected command '-polygon'. Wrong coordinates were considered when using a '%' in the arguments list.

Example :
The image transformation shown below has been entirely generated using G'MIC operators :)
lylejk 6 years ago
All sees quiet the last few days David. I may not post here that often but read this thread daily and definitely still appreciate you and your efforts with G'MIC. Still use G'MIC on just about every edit I do. Take care David. :)
Ronounours Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ronounours (admin) 6 years ago
Thanks Lyle. Actually, I've been working on improving G'MIC these last days, but for very minor stuffs, so I didn't post anything about this (except updating the changelog above).
With one of my latest stuff (the ability to generate density clouds), maybe I'll try to do a new artistic filter :) (but not sure, I'm running out of time)
Ronounours 6 years ago
* Updated 2012/06/08 : Stable release.
Rod_Blake 6 years ago
I also appreciate all the work you have done with GMIC David. I use it constantly and it's pretty much a major extension to my Gimp installs.
I was kind of surprised to hear about a new stable release though. :)

Thanks again.
taryn_nefdt 6 years ago
I like the lomo filter and the frame. Very cool.
naggobot PRO 6 years ago
"I also appreciate all the work you have done with GMIC David. I use it constantly and it's pretty much a major extension to my Gimp installs."

Agreed. My photo hobby would be quite a lot less interesting (if it existed at all) with out the G'Mic Thank you David for the wonderful work on G'Mic.
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