Ronounours 8:16pm, 24 April 2012
New features :

- Command '-output' now accepts options for the MINC2 file format (extension .mnc). The option can be another .mnc filename which will be taken as a template for its header. Thanks to Haz-Edine Assemlal for his suggestion.
- Math parser expression 'i(_x,_y,_z,_c,_boundary)' has been extended to 'i(_x,_y,_z,_c,_interpolation,_boundary)' where 'interpolation' can be { 0=nearest neighbor | 1=linear }.
- New command '-display_polar' (with shortcut '-dp') has been created to render data as a polar curve. Example of use :

gmic 300,1,1,1,'0.3+abs(cos(10*pi*x/w))+?(0.4)' -display_polar 512,512,4,200,255,200

results in
- New command '-solidify_linear' for reconstructing transparent regions in images, using a linear filtering approach. This is a more flexible process than previous '-solidify', since smoothness parameters can be tuned.

Modifications / improvements :

- Command '-eigen' is now able to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of an entire tensor field. As a consequence, command '-edgetensors' has been discarded as a native command, and recoded identically as a custom command (but renamed '-diffusiontensors'). Command '-tensor2eigen' is not useful anymore and has been removed.

Bug corrections :

- Fixed bug when dealing with Fourier transform with odd-sized images (concerns commands '-watermark_fourier', '-[i]fftpolar', '-[de]convolve_fft' ).
- + Many small corrections and improvements...
Ronounours 6 years ago
* Updated 2012/05/10 : Final release !
lylejk 6 years ago
Just left a note at samj's blog and also at GIMPChat. The 64-bit version of G'MIC works great. Thanks David and also samj for the compile. :)
PhotoComiX Posted 6 years ago. Edited by PhotoComiX (member) 6 years ago
@ Ronounours

now that Gimp 2.8 is realead, and also at 64 bit may be the case to include a windows 64bit build of the gmic plugin, in the download available from the gmic site
lylejk 6 years ago
I believe David and samj do have an agreement and indeed, I just checked earlier (but after I downloaded it from samj's blog) and there is a 64-bit Windows build at G'MIC's Sourceforge site PC. Still greatful for samj's work in supporting the 64-bit Windows GIMP platform, not just G'MIC. :)
Golemi077 6 years ago
What about Lens Blur in new version of G´MIC , i cannot find it ?
Ronounours 6 years ago
Lens blur can be find in 'Testing / Gentlemanbeggar'.
This is still a 'testing' filter, as Gentlemanbeggar didn't move it to the main filter tree.
ozsalvo Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ozsalvo (member) 6 years ago
I currently have the 2.8 Gimp and downloaded the G"MIC but it didn't automatically install into the Gimp. Is there something I am supposed to do? Sorry if this QUESTION HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE BUT i CAN HARDLY SEE THE TEXT ON THIS PAGE SO DID NOT LOOK.
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