Ronounours 9:17am, 13 April 2012
New features :
- Command '-sort_list' allows to sort a list of images, according to their first values.
- New substituting expression '@.', replaced by the current version number of the G'MIC interpreter (e.g. '1512').

Improvements / changes :
- Optimized the rounding and modulo functions, used by the internal math parser.
- Get back to the 'rolling release' system. Now, beta versions will be considered as stable enough to be released as the main plug-in executables for Linux and Windows.
- Command '-sort' now displays a log message.
- Some commands were accepting 'axis' parameters in capital letters. It's not the case anymore, all 'axis' parameters are normalized.
- Environment variable '$GMIC' which tells about the path of the configuration files for the GIMP plug-in has been renamed to '$GMIC_GIMP_PATH', to make it more clear.
- Improved error message, in case of fails in Internet update. Now, the filters sources that cannot be reached are displayed on the message box.

Bug fixes :
- The entry 'About / Additional filters' was not working anymore, since the release. This is now fixed (and backported to
- Saving double-valued images as ascii files now better preserves the rounding precision (thanks to Jerome for his suggestion!).
lylejk 4 years ago
samj compiled the 64-bit version of this beta release; since hasn't been compiled (64-bit), I went ahead and installed Works fine for the few things I tried (GIMP plugin that is). :)
Ronounours Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Ronounours (admin) 4 years ago
* Updated 2012/04/18 : Stable Release !
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