Ronounours 2:36pm, 9 March 2012
Here is a new version of G'MIC, for Easter :)
Here is the Changelog :

New features :

- Path of the folder containing the configuration files for the GIMP plug-in is now customizable, through the environment variable 'GMIC'.
- New command '-gimp_update_filters' which is called at each filter update done by the plug-in (including the first one, when launching the plug-in). Allows to enable by default all external filter sources when starting the plug-in for the first time.
- New plug-in entry 'About / Share faves' allowing to import / export faves with every users of the plug-in.
- New command '-rm_duplicates' to remove duplicate images in an image list.

Bug corrections :

- Fixed bug related to the substitution of particular case {'\'}.
- Fixed issues related to the use of standard input/outputs for file IO.
- Fixed : '--haar' was acting in-place (Thanks Jérome!).
- Fixed : '-replace_seq' was not working on a list.

Improvements :

- Recoded parts of the '-input' command.
- Command '-display_tensors' has been recoded, optimized and improved (color output is now possible).

Enjoy !
garagecoder 5 years ago
Good work! I was testing out some of the substitution and always encountered problems with the escape character itself in text to array conversion.
On another note I finally got red/cyan glasses today so I've added basic anaglyph to my stereo filter.
Ronounours 5 years ago
* Updated 2012/03/22.
tom.keil 5 years ago
Hi David, does this mean code using "\" in substitutions and -i / -o commands needs to be changed to remain working?
Ronounours 5 years ago
No Tom, this is only bug fixes for very particular cases that were causing memory issues or unexpected behaviors.
Probably, you don't have to change anything on your side.
nitedojo 5 years ago
Trying out the latest gmic_gimp. Its getting better and better.
I personally love the Zone System which nondestructively changes the exposure.

However there is still a feature I been really missing. A button for saving the current settings to default. It could be placed close to the reset button.
Ronounours 5 years ago
Dou you mean a button to create a fave from the default settings ?
If so, why not just push 'reset', then 'fave' ?
nitedojo Posted 5 years ago. Edited by nitedojo (member) 5 years ago
Of course! I've completly forgotten that I have the freedom to do this. I must be getting old, haha!
Ronounours 5 years ago
* Updated 2012/04/06 : Final release.
PhotoComiX Posted 5 years ago. Edited by PhotoComiX (member) 5 years ago
pre-installed in this gimp windows build
rrossouw 5 years ago
I've just downloaded, installed it and most of my additional filters disappeared?

I'm using Win 7 64 bit, Gimp 2.6.11

When I tick "Add all filters" or tick them individually then I get the following error:
*** Error in ./gimp_add_filter_sources/*local/ *** cimg::fopen() : Failed to open file '' with mode 'wb'.

When I look in my AppData/Roaming folder they're all still there.

Also I noticed that the first entry on the filter list has become share faves (nice idea), however the folder name changes when I mouse over it to the name of the filter which was last moused over.

Any ideas?
marossiotes 5 years ago
now is:
update your scritps ...
karo03 5 years ago
the first entry in the filter list is probably corrupted by a typing error in Iain Fergusson's gmic file. There is a missing closing bracket (>) in the title of Layers (#@gimp _Layers)!

Iain Fergusson 5 years ago
Sorry everyone.

It should be fixed now.
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