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Sticky What I can do with G'MIC? (tutorial list) Joz3.69 46 sallyanne58 1 year ago
Experiments with G'MIC Umer Javed 0 Umer Javed 2 months ago
No more Testing features? Mahvin 1 lylejk 3 months ago
[] New filter 'Artistic / Circlism' Ronounours 40 alextimus 5 months ago
Shapeism/Circlism filter alextimus 0 alextimus 5 months ago
Documentation of filters - where HJarausch 0 HJarausch 5 months ago
Continuous Droste PhotoMasterGregPRO 2 david_tschumperle 8 months ago
Video Tutorial: How to Saturate an Image using GIMP and G'MIC taryn_nefdt 0 taryn_nefdt 8 months ago
Question: Can G'mic be loaded onto OSX El Capitan? nemosdad 4 Partha at gmail 9 months ago
Vignetting - question about David Tschumperlé's Vignette Filter AccidntlTouristPRO 4 AccidntlTouristPRO 9 months ago
Missing/Removed Function? PhotoMasterGregPRO 1 david_tschumperle 9 months ago
Does G'MIC have a filter similar to this? camo steve 2 camo steve 9 months ago
Tutorial showing how to create a Geometric Abstract using GIMP, G'MIC and PowerPoint taryn_nefdt 0 taryn_nefdt 1 year ago
Difference between two regression techniques olafsen 0 olafsen 1 year ago
OS X version: missing a lot of libraries olafsen 5 olafsen 1 year ago
small detail: what is the meaning of '--' (only two dashes, no command) in the command syntax? Henk Koning :: "The joy of taking pictures ...!"PRO 3 Henk Koning :: "The joy of taking pictures ...!"PRO 1 year ago
-erode in GIMP plugin menu? Henk Koning :: "The joy of taking pictures ...!"PRO 8 david_tschumperle 1 year ago
reslice a 3D z-stack alosca 11 alosca 1 year ago
Compilation with Visual Studio / Windows tobias.fleischer 2 david_tschumperle 1 year ago
Gmic filter bridging USM and Highpass martinwackenhut1 9 martinwackenhut1 1 year ago
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