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mark valentine PRO 7:51pm, 5 December 2008
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Art Cafe f/2 Exhibition

floebee and mark valentine - silent dialogue

floebee and mark valentine in silent dialogue explore how a visual relationship is enhanced when two separate, yet connected images are brought together in a series of paired compositions.


blue three - floebee :: ambigurizons - mark valentine

blue three


spilling over - mark valentine :: bodacious - floebee

spilling over bodacious


X - mark valentine :: coming together - floebee

coming together


(O)000o - floebee :: the last hour of light - mark valentine

the last hour of light


connection - floebee :: arching as an arc in desire - mark valentine

arching as an arc in desire


at that little place by the ocean - floebee :: hugging the side - mark valentine

at that little place by the ocean
hugging the side


lost soundwave - mark valentine :: claviature - floebee

lost soundwave


meanderings - floebee :: shadow dance - mark valentine

shadow dance


(mess)aging - floebee :: c'mon - mark valentine



stolen generations - floebee :: the migration of bodies - mark valentine

stolen generations
the migration of bodies
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mark valentine PRO 10 years ago
We would like to thank Domido for the opportunity
to exhibit this work here, we are very grateful for
the wonderful opportunity.
carlos_ar2000 PRO 10 years ago
joseanprado Posted 10 years ago. Edited by joseanprado (member) 10 years ago
Fabulous. Both of you have one of the most important things in life: imagination. Thanks for sharing your work. A constant inspiration to me.

jazzy ear [deleted] 10 years ago
I am so so glad to see your common work here. Very much. I love it.
rui correia fotografia 10 years ago
wow is this possible???
no words for such beauty
stricher gerard 10 years ago
This is a great work from this 2 artists
xd360 10 years ago
my god...seeing these together like this is simply stunning. you two have created a dynamic, kinetic, shifting work of art. a whole visual vocabulary explored, challenged, refracted, and redefined.

thanks to both of you for sharing this.
anne marie bouyssou 10 years ago
j'ai une petite critique à faire à cette expo : elle est trop...courte !!!
quelle belle complicité ici, quel ensemble , quel équilibre dans ces duos : on en redemande !...
oui, j'ai beaucoup beaucoup aimé ...mes préférées sont : la 2 et la 4 : superbe !!!
stellantocontact 10 years ago
:-)(-: !!!
camera_obscura/ vic PRO 10 years ago
What a pair! :o)
Congratulations, mark and floebee! Love your dialogue. More, please?
zany trail [deleted] 10 years ago
You speak so beautiful
zébulon rouge 10 years ago
A joyful relation of symbiosis,
a deep affinity, which allows to examine more in the same direction.
I like this sensitive and cultivated glance,
that you shared together,
as choice twins.
fingerprinz PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fingerprinz (member) 10 years ago
Beautiful idea. Beautifully executed.
tapatim PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tapatim (member) 10 years ago
seems nearly all ur pics lead us 2 a parallel reality. i like it to enter, reenter and reenter and reenter .... ur "world", that exists beyond my imagination @ the borderland of our existence ...

a great "gig" here in the Art Cafe!
congrats mark & floebe - the duality !

*´¨ )
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•> tapa :)

p.s. glad 2 know u both here in flickr :))))
enchanted fruit [deleted] 10 years ago
I do constantly indulge into your imagination,
the illustration of which is thoroughly beautiful to me, ethereally entranced while diving through- your sensibility is sensed all the way- making me utterly addicted to it, to its fossilizations and mutations that are to come.

congrats to both of you,
wiating for your further work to unveil,
htakat 10 years ago
first of all thanks for the invite ,iam glad that meet you Mark and floebee here on Flickr ,i like a lot the experiment sensitive that have your works , becoming better only through dialogue .so congratulations that points the way to become better
E I N I 10 years ago
Yippi - nice - soulmates - nice Yippi
achilles' eel 10 years ago
you two
this is absolutely brilliant.
100 roses
split 50 50
dou_ble_you PRO 10 years ago
So, you were serenading each other and I missed that? oh well, gossip is not my thing...LOL

This collection of work is quite brilliant and I enjoyed looking at it... lost soundwave :: claviature gave me a real thrill.
losy PRO 10 years ago
wonderful collaboration! Great idea and stunning results!
Ron Herrema PRO 10 years ago
a great idea and admirably realized - certainly an inspiration for those of us who teach, as well as for anyone who makes art - I need more time to chew on it all, but in the first instance i find myself wondering about dialogues of ideas that end up having radically different appearances (maybe represented best here by dialogues 2 and 4) - perhaps a second installment?!
Bird Eye 10 years ago
Nicely done! I especially like the feel of of:

pilling over - mark valentine :: bodacious - floebee

O)000o - floebee :: the last hour of light - mark valentine

ess)aging - floebee :: c'mon - mark valentine
biedk PRO 10 years ago
Wooow, great stuff! Like many of floebee's pics use to, these photos give me a lot of somehow undefind feelings! Perhaps it is art... ;D
Fromage de Merde 10 years ago
Really great - a pairing of giant talent and beautiful imagery - the conceptual thread says it all......... . .
well adventurous who enjoyed such a good wave,
congratulations to the two, fantastic job!
outstanding you two ....such a brilliant exercise of creative expression...creative responses through visual expression...

the relationship of visual unity of thought and metaphor...

for me each separate image viewed as I scrolled down invoked a separate response but as the point or edge of union arrives the excitement and anticipation of what image was used to respond explodes in the mind and then gently the second image stands on its own and is immediately encapsulated with the memory of the first image...

quite a unique way of communication....very profound

thank you for inviting me to your exhibition I am very honoured...
zesty wax [deleted] 10 years ago
Touching see these images together, excellent project and result.
Congratulations to both artists.
Rainer ❏ 10 years ago
A great work from floebee and mark this artists
Juan Ospina 10 years ago
Oh, the dynamic duo in action!
I always love to see your collabs, they're so inspiring.
It's a pleasure to see such a wonderful exhibit here.
Congrats to both of you, delightful artwork.

keep up the good work.
Ansel Olson PRO 10 years ago
great collaboration you two have put forth here.

the formal ties between the pieces help them cohere well as pairs while allowing the rest of their qualities to dialogue. it creates an interesting viewing situation in which each image begins to project itself onto the other. e.g. if I see figurative forms in one, I begin to look for their companions in the twin, if I sense certain feelings from one, I begin to expect correspondence of some kind from the other.

just curious, have either of you read Geoff Dyer's "The Ongoing Moment"? he talks quite a bit about archetypes in photography--how one photographer will pick up a subject another one shot in a new way, and another photographer will follow that. these made me think of that occurrence.
fernanda garrido 10 years ago
Belíssimas fotos. Congratulations,
PAL1970 10 years ago
Truly amazing work. I am in awe. CONGRATS to the both of you!
tartalom 10 years ago
well done to you both
rosa_rusa PRO 10 years ago
amazing work, and I like this idea exibition of both... completement amazing...
milky-brown 10 years ago
like viewing the yin and yang of art photography

love it!
ubik14 PRO 10 years ago
excellent collaboration -- "stolen generations/the migration of bodies" and "lost soundwave/claviature" in particular are stunning
Barbara Kleinhans 10 years ago
great synergy here. I like them all.
apres-midi 10 years ago
redefining the art of collaboration. thank you for the invitation to view.
Gabrielle Z 10 years ago
You both have an amazing work in separate. But in collaboration we can see the synergie working! Fabulous!
One more thanks for the invitation! Have a great weekend!
Connie Krejci PRO 10 years ago
My answer to this seems to have disappeared so here I go again. These are very exquisite. I feel that I already know the two of you better for having seen them. They are intimate and very expressive.
jaciii (off&on) PRO 10 years ago
I did not know. Appreciative greatly I am. Thanks for duo doing!
mountainous government [deleted] 10 years ago
beautiful ;-}
paulmoore 10 years ago
sweet series of duets..and they do have their own music about them, maybe the silence is only the lack of words. Their melody is loud and clear. I enjoyed the ride, the collaboration and the intrigue.
..all I am missing is my plastic cup with chabis.
thanks for the invite
Bill Horne 10 years ago
This is a lesson in synergy. They are beautiful pairings. Each one complements the other in some fundamental aspect of color, shape, line, form, or texture. I especially like "(O)000o" v. "the last hour of light" and "at that little place by the ocean" v. "hugging the side", because they also have very contrasting aspects. This collaboration you two have developed is really great.
Brizia 10 years ago
Son como notas exquicitas, que sin sonido ni melodia, saben tocar lo mejor del alma y llegar hacer palpitar de emocion

Fabulosa forma de expresar donde el color, la luz, textura y forma hacen que la magia nazca

Felicidades Amigo Mio
linkwize Posted 10 years ago. Edited by linkwize (member) 10 years ago
A collaboration that is simultaneously sound and fanciful, astute and obtuse. Fantastic to see memes that infect and absolve each other's sensibility in such a creatively sustained display of duets.
ndrgrnd 10 years ago

a great team!
Bueautiful expo
Michael Lusk... 10 years ago
A brilliant and well orchestrated collaboration... an exquisite flow of expression and feeling...well done !!!
lia___ 10 years ago
brilliant idea! i love the title too!
andrefromont PRO 10 years ago
delightfull partage !
lillykeeper 10 years ago
Congratulations and thank you so much for the invite...!

You guys must really be soulmates...your images work so well together-its such a wonderful experience to look through them!

They are inspirational, smart and very creative.

Flickr would be boring without your images.... :-)
visualisarium 10 years ago
kindred visual spirits. fantastic.
Shirin Winiger 10 years ago
this is wonderful*and i love the concept!
...the last hour of light...wow
Robert Brindley PRO 10 years ago
Art cannot live in isolation. It has to have reference, connection to something else,context. The viewer needs the code to see past the surface. Those codes are often provided in the body of work of the artist and are somewhat less provided by curators' often obscure monographs. They are often simply provided within the viewers own conceptions. This device that you have used, pairing images from seemingly disparate artistic approaches to the same thoughts, has been used with success by curators of the great galleries around the world and it is used with extraordinary clarity here. It is a pity, then, that we cannot see these hanging large on a gallery wall, because as thrilling as the work is( and I take nothing away from the artistic quality) virtual has nothing on real.
Congratulations to you both however. May we see much more.
nomade7 10 years ago
a dialogue and a "non-dialogue". the silence.
the last thing that remains in a relation when it finishes is a silence. a silence full of means. a presence-absence that is and "endbeginning" of all.
in this work I greatly enjoy this deep, often irreplaceable, often untenable,
sense of pure belonging. a perfect sequence of "endbeginning" fragments.
I would really like to be in front at this work with my curious eyes! compliments!
kadin tiu 10 years ago
WOW The two artistic duos in photography! Love love love your work! :)
miss insomnia tulip PRO 10 years ago
Such a teriffic eye-feast!

Eden-Lys PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Eden-Lys (member) 10 years ago
Une préférence pour "the last hour of light " et "the migration of bodies", l'une pour le sens des deux images et l'autre pour les tonailtés qui éveillent, une belle harmonie en somme.
M. Miranda 10 years ago
me gustaron mucho. me lleve algunas a FAVs
Fabiolo (pontedapedra) 10 years ago
Ohhh! that's a great photo-conversation. Contratulations to the artists.
Wampie. PRO 10 years ago
'two is more than one', much much much more, it's stunning!!!
And you're both already so interesting on your own.... WOW
thanks very much for the invitation.
I enjoyed your team work so much!!
Vita es Splendor 10 years ago
fantastic exposition!
askal bosch Posted 10 years ago. Edited by askal bosch (member) 10 years ago
thanks for your invitations, mark and floebee!

i love the collaboration of you guys! this is a very nice compilation, i enjoyed it very much!

my most favorite is (O)000o/the last hour of light. it is a stunning, mesmerizing play of light/shadows/reflections/blue-tones and the interplay of silence and chaos works perfectly here!

great work, congrats!!!
Taluula2two 10 years ago
An excellent collaboration of your talents, and such emotive results, especially in Lost Soundwave and Clavaiture, Meanderings and Shadow Dance and most beautifully in Stolen Generations and The Migration of Bodies. Standing ovation.
masquerade_arts 10 years ago
This is an absolutely magical exhibition, pure perfection in every shot/pairing.
vgane 10 years ago
have been keeping an eye for floebee and mark valentine's work for a while - simply great!
jacob albablank 10 years ago
Preciosa exposición. Muchas gracias por su invitación y poder apreciar esos bellisimos trabajos,
HWSH PRO 10 years ago
nice idea, stunning results
Belle exposition, je trouve juste une chose, l'entrée est d'un bleu trop saturé ... Bravo sinon, c'est très beau !
truculent toe [deleted] 10 years ago
An interesting and creative exhibition, wonderful art pieces.
Friedel Callies 10 years ago
Thank you both for the invitation. It's faboulus and my first sunday morning gallery visit without leaving home. I'll sometimes come back because it's really great and a great pleasure to look up.
super jellyfish [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by super jellyfish (member) 10 years ago
Some I get, others not so much.

For me it has a working (read transient / transparent / malleable) title like Dichotomy / Lobotomy. Truly, mustn't we change what we initially desired when we redefine and re-describe our work in the context of another's? Suddenly your work is only as good as the image next to it (or in this case, above or below it).

Like I say, some I get, others not so much.
juditny PRO 10 years ago
simply no words... but try to...

outstanding idea, and the top level of the cooperation of your souls is just admirable.

I've tried to choose favourites, which is REALLY very difficult:

meanderings - floebee :: shadow dance - mark valentine have been already my favs,

but now lost soundwave - mark valentine :: claviature - floebee are added, too, since they are an excellent example how real and abstract art can be combined such a way that they can create a complex, elevated artistic pleasure.

thank you to both for the invitation :))

saintah 10 years ago
Thank you Floebee and Mark. Very intelligent opening sequence with the almost minimalist but stunning "blue three" and "ambigurizons." The sets of images complement and dance together. "At that little place by the ocean" seems to be out of context with the rest of your wonderful exhibition. Thank you again for the invitation. I look forward to viewing the work of both of you.
czakusia (Eva Polak) 10 years ago
Great work!
augusto rosa PRO 10 years ago
You guys rock!! Nobody can get enough of this beautiful dialogue between you two.
Congratulations to flickr dynamic duo!!
widwur 10 years ago
Thanks you and congratulations to the team
and the and the resut of the analyzeing the
duality o you will knoww better to be aroun
of the relations forme and meaning.
fake_plastic_earth Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fake_plastic_earth (member) 10 years ago
what a fabulous ONE of a kind exhibition!
Thanks for letting me know! Masako
-exi3n Posted 10 years ago. Edited by -exi3n (member) 10 years ago
"silent dialogue" have something i want not to be out of.
congratulations floebee and mark valentine
principia aesthetica 10 years ago
In music " punctum contra punctum " Is the base of the poliphony.
Here---Note against note----- your homophonic work compose a " vertical harmony " of a intense and fully normative quality

Thanks for inviting me to this " carmen des spheres " the most beautiful class of the Musica Universalis
Dibujos de Molina PRO 10 years ago
Fantastico dialogo de imagenes calidas , poeticas y bellas.....
Felicitaciones a los dos!!!...maravillosa muestra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IanLand 10 years ago
nice work chaps
peterlfrench 10 years ago
Really stunning, and inspirational work - wonderful combinations of light and composition - so well done on both your parts. Thanks very much for your excellent work - keep it up gents
Paula H.N. 10 years ago
this is awsome
marvellous work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations bodies
profuse board [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for inviting me to this truly fascinating gallery. Your idea has succeeded. Well done!
Zita Kamugira 10 years ago
and a lot of anothers arrive at our minds
(the problem :- no champagne !)
pit-pit 10 years ago
fabulous exhibition.

Imaginative and original, diverse and consistent. The quality of your work is spectacular and works so well together!

I respect both of you so much, and I'm happy you prepared this gallery. I'll be returning for some inspiration, that's for sure...

keep it going guys,

Julia Tarraf 10 years ago
Yes !!!!! and `shadow dance `very special !!
I love you and I love your work and you kwon that!
Howard J Duncan PRO 10 years ago
Whole lot of shakin' going on....
dragongavrana 10 years ago
i love your silent dialogue!
thanks to both of you for invites,
i'm glad to be here with you :)
ebergcanada PRO 10 years ago
excellent concept .... wonderful work!!... Congratulations to both of you!!
miuenski 10 years ago
all perfect, but also some real hits with combination!
auspices 10 years ago
Together they are more than the sum of their parts, which would have been hard to believe seeing the individual pieces seemed to be so singular.

I love the idea of a visual relationship.

spilling over / bodacious is breathtaking
miquelet 10 years ago
this silent dialogue
is full of music for the eyes
Holden Richards 10 years ago
My sincere congratulations To Mark and Flobee on a very intriguing show and provocative pairings of images. I like the alignment of the images edge to edge as it makes the juxtapositions that much clearer.
gabriel magri 10 years ago
poesía, encanto, serenidad, delicadeza
paz, paz, paz...
y belleza!!!! infinita belleza!!!!
Sus imágenes son una bocanada de aire fresco, me reconcilian con la vida, me hacen sonreír pletórico!
¡dan ganas de vivir!
maravillosa dupla Floebee and Mark!!! (Mark querido, tradúcele a Shari)

this images are overflowing of life an beauty. They make me feel like a little child with an icecream, the most delicate, soft and tasteful icecream.
I am very happy about this exhibition. I am proud of you.

Jo Sanderson-Mann 10 years ago
this collection is lovely, and me, ever the pragmatist, would love to know how it happened. Is it truly a silent dialogue, or do you discuss images? Or does one of you see an image, and think hey I have an image that would go great with that?
Sabine Portela PRO 10 years ago
my friends, thank you not only for the invitation but also for the possibility to look at the two amazing ways of interpretation of a theme, the quality of the photos and their aesthetic dialogue.
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