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Because of a large number of inappropriate photos being posted, all submissions will now be approved. Please post in the same way - your photo may take a day or two to reach the pool.

This is to make the pool enjoyable for everyone and to keep out the kittens!

Please take a look at Glimpse is NOT.


  • Holiday

    I'll be away for a week so the photos won't be added to the pool as quickly. Pl...

    Auntie Pages ago0 replies

  • Is this group still active?

    No new discussion for a while, rejection list not updated, and very few new imag...

    Patrick Keoghages ago2 replies

  • Why Was My Photo Rejected?

    If your photo has been removed from the pool or (after 31 August 2007 under the ...

    Auntie Pages ago0 replies

  • Glimpse is NOT

    I'm sorry but I've had to delete quite a lot of images from the group pool becau...

    Auntie Pages ago32 replies

  • MatchPoint : 'GLIMPSE'

    The MatchPoint group has been organizing a series of photographical tournaments....

    Spigooages ago0 replies

  • I'm Back! - Please reread the rules.

    I did a quick and dirty clean up of the photo pool. There are more photos to rem...

    firemindages ago3 replies

  • Does this count??

    railings I think probably not, but I've hummed and hahed for ages..

    estheraseages ago10 replies

  • To glimpse or to see??

    I wondered if this counted its more about filtering(!) Ie: catching a glimpse of...

    Gail Steeden (Delderfield)ages ago1 replies

  • how about this one?

    Is this one allowed? looking out

    spaniel shariages ago1 replies

  • Excellent Examples

    It has been suggested that we highlight examples of really great Glimpses to ill...

    Auntie Pages ago30 replies

  • January Rejections

    January 10 Several photos were removed from the pool. Only two are mentioned ...

    firemindages ago10 replies

  • close but no cigar

    I've been around long enough to know the difference between an acceptable glimps...

    mygigiages ago14 replies

  • Weeding Out Inappropriate pics.

    I usually check pics at all sizes and write some info in my rejection lists. How...

    firemindages ago5 replies

  • November Rejections

    Just some quick points about pics I am rejecting. Glimpse Glimpse by recursion_se...

    firemindages ago1 replies

  • Snooping

    Just thought some of you Glimpsers might be interested in a complimentary group ...

    Auntie Pages ago0 replies

  • Still Here

    We are still alive and popping in to weed the photo pool and see your nice pics...

    firemindages ago6 replies

  • Fireminds Rejections 32 - August 19

    Meal by Michaeeel - shows too much of the scene. Meal Signs by recurrence ...

    firemindages ago0 replies

  • Vote Glimpse!

    The FLICKYS are Flickr's version of the Academy Awards (kind of) and Glimpse has...

    firemindages ago0 replies

  • Firemind's Rejections 31 - August 14.

    reflection on my phone - by raspberry* - most reflections don't work as glimpse...

    firemindages ago0 replies

  • Firemind's Rejections 30 - Aug. 11

    To the Island by auntie k - scene not a glimpse. To the Island beach view from the ...

    firemindages ago0 replies

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