geem42 6:45am, 3 March 2010
I live in San Jose, but on the way back from San Francisco I saw one from 280.

I checked google street view, and I can't find it so it's newer than the street view pics. It looked fresh. Unfortunately I didn't have time to snap it, and I won't have anyway to get back there soon.

It's the Giraffe Skin pattern painted on the bottom of a concrete pillar, similar to this one:

Here is the location I best can describe it:

Going south on 280, it will be on your LEFT. After I noticed it, I got distracted for a moment, but realized I should check my location... the next exit was Serramonte.

That means it must be a few minutes NORTH of Serramonte.

It's nested up next to some bushes, so it ins't super easy to spot.

Anyway, if anyone has free time, tryn' grab this one!
Hit da streets! 8 years ago
i think i saw the same one,i snaped another one on the freew
`ay too,
pdub391 3 years ago
ill check today
pdub391 3 years ago
i think it might be buffed I've been looking for it the last month or so
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