Yotsuba&! 10:53pm, 29 October 2009
Chris Knight Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Chris Knight (member) 9 years ago
Seriously? Sad. Maybe he can do paintings in jail for his legal defense fund. I'd buy!

Wonder if someone ratted him out. Did I say sad? Sad...:(
Yotsuba&! 9 years ago
very sad, i have a lot of respect for his art.
sLeEpWaLkEr... 9 years ago
Fuck this sucks.
acid acoustics [deleted] 9 years ago
i hope a good tribute piece goes up soon.

ive enjoyed shooting his art for the past 3 years, this is a BIG loss for all of us.
Whole Wheat Toast 9 years ago
Anyone know where he's being detained? We all should go down there and protest
The Wretched Spawn 9 years ago
black n white stripes for this girafa? hope not
fierce frog 9 years ago
yes, this is unbelievably sad.
...now we're just left with billboards and corporate advertisements (those are the real visual vandals who should be arrested.) ...i love this guy's art, and it is ART.
faded books [deleted] 9 years ago
Most likely it was a snitch
workinpublic2 9 years ago
i really enjoy finding and photographing his work really lame to read this news
Thomas Hawk PRO 9 years ago
What a waste of taxpayer money.
HabitForming 9 years ago
slyder24 9 years ago
Maybe now he'll be forced to make the jump to galleries, and become wealthy and get invited to fabulous parties.
Seriously, my thoughts go out to him. He's prolific to a level that it's pathological, it's maybe a compulsive disorder.
Yotsuba&! 9 years ago
hopefully he made bail & is out. googled: www.sjpd.org/iNews/viewPressRelease.asp?ID=296
deyes Posted 9 years ago. Edited by deyes (member) 9 years ago
never mind, post removed.. there's an effort underway.. will be working with them.
lucky_dog 9 years ago
holy shit, i looked at his mugshot, and he really does look like the girafa.
daver6sf@yahoo.com PRO 9 years ago
It was a very sad day in Mudville
HabitForming 9 years ago
Join this Facebook Group and spread the word!


bayareafotograffer 9 years ago
they may raise his bail and keep him locked up for 5 years
HabitForming 9 years ago
lol. people. enough with the rumors.
HabitForming Posted 9 years ago. Edited by HabitForming (member) 9 years ago

I started a tribute to Girafa, the most prolific graffiti writer the Bay Area has known to date.

Submit your Girafa Photo by sending them to girafa@tumblr.com
angry steam [deleted] 9 years ago
respect to girafa fully
but the fact that people think oh no billboards and walls wont be hit! come there are others out here riskin it all too

stale meeting [deleted] 9 years ago
well,everybody in the graff scene is bound to get caught sooner or later,it was his time but dnt dwel on it cause when he gets out he will eventually be forgotten and do something productive..be remember there are alot of other artist out there with symbols or characters tht need to be taken serious(meaning other graff veterans) just take a look outside your window there is graff everywhere and dnt hate...one
$1.49 OTD 9 years ago
did he get caught in the act?
bloodinsanity 9 years ago
Someone hated on him, im sure. Motherfuckers
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