Jym Dyer PRO 2:11am, 28 July 2009
=v= Well, this is interesting. Someone started a "4LIFE CREW" topic on a bulletin board in Israel (warning, pop-up ads), and put up my photo of a Girafa piece in San Mateo that says, "LONG NECK 4 LIFE":


I don't know Hebrew, but Google Translate gives us this:
Familiar with the area abandoned near the border with Egypt?
Where we did about it, some fear the Rabk!

Most of our work this caricature of the animal, but we also have the addresses.

We started a 'Grafiti this two years ago and still not Fotztzno the most that any city so far Sfotim
Someone else called him out on the 2nd page of replies ("Pub piece you moron") and posted the link to my flickr stream:

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