the police

f1nuttah PRO 9:39am, 29 January 2009
so that pic of the "wanted" deal that the Milpitas police put out regarding our beloved Girafa reminded me that i haven't heard what ended up happening to that Belk kid.

anyone know if he is locked up now?
evie-o 9 years ago
no clue. i remeber seeing those posters all around the MHS campus when i was there..pretty lame.
evie-o 9 years ago
oh ok just looked i up, yea he faces 4 felony charges and atleast 100,000 in fines
mybetababy 9 years ago
Where are all the Girafa tags at in the bay area? (giraff head)
or also the neck " girafa4life" Is if from the same person? let me know. someone?!
mybetababy 9 years ago
Oh, I'm trying to find out more about taking pitchers of the Girafa pictures.
so if you know where are some please let me known. You can also use "" to let me know. it's my website that I'm trying to create. Hey wana help? I'll link you up!.
aka mybetababy
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