mybetababy 5:22pm, 21 August 2008
I been going to work for a while now and been noticing this Giraffe head painted on various locations.
It's kind of a game to me. To go along and see how many I can find on the way to work. I seen 3.
Two are still remaining the other was painted over. this is on highway 880 near the truck stop and on 237 going towards Santa Clara. I like it so much I'm thinking of making it a game. The Giraffe head is nice. Not that I opposite it. But at least I can see it. Other graffiti I just can seem to read them. I have placed a site which then will go to : on seeing how can find more of these heads.
Can you tell me what dose this stand for? Are these guys Gang Bangers? sell drugs? What is Girafa Hunters all about? I would like to know about them.
f1nuttah PRO 10 years ago
don't mess with the Girafa Gangstas!!! ; )

uhm, pretty sure the Girafa is not packing an AK47 in that long neck of his. just a cool example of how graffiti continues to be one of the most interesting art forms out there.

i saw two more Girafa's this weekend along 101. one is on a cargo container looking thing on the east side of 101 near the Malibu Grand Prix (is that Redwood City??) the other one is on a building on the west side of 101 closer to Milbrae.

i saw them as i was driving up to the city, so i wasn't able to take pictures of them. hopefully someone will capture these Girafas before they run away.
faded books [deleted] 10 years ago
whats up with people thinkin its some kind of gang? how scary is a gang of giraffes?
f1nuttah PRO 10 years ago
giraffes may look peaceful, but they can constrict your azz with them long necks, son!

plus, everyone knows only gangstas do graffiti...
angry steam [deleted] 9 years ago
dude girafa has assembled his own gang own of long necks, us lol we are down as fuck to paint with him and most likly back him, but who wouldnt, last i heard they did think it was a gang 10 grand for his capture! fuck we aint snitches we are

supporters of the long neck
mybetababy 9 years ago
Anyway I can have that Giraff head (one on spreyed on a T-shirt? I would pay for it. Think about it. Would give more exposer to "giraffes" let me know. I'm totally serious. Maybe a start of
"Giraffi ware" line of t-shirts with the Giraff head. "long neck for life"
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