onBIT 10:13pm, 11 March 2010
Is there a way to make a dry landscape scene look wet , as if just after rain ?
elsamuko 8 years ago
Try this:
1. Auto white balance
2. Duplicate original layer to the top
3. Top layer: Colors -> Components -> Channel Mixer:
___R: -70, G: 20, B: 200, Monochrome, Preserve Luminosity
4. Invert B/W layer and set its visibility off
5. Dublicate original layer to the top again
6. Top layer, Color -> Color to Alpha -> Yellow
7. Set top layer to Grain Extract
8. New layer from visible to the top, set visibility of extract layer off
9. Brightness: -90, Contrast: +90
10. Add Layer mask to visible: Grayscale copy of layer
11. Add layer below visible, opacity 40%
12. Fill with blue and set B/W as layer mask
13. Original layer: Hue/Saturation: Y Hue: +30 R Hue: +50

Death Valley National Park, California (6) by Ken Lund

After rain by elsamuko

Before & After also here (and GIMP xcf download):
{ pranav } 8 years ago
elsamuko Great work! How about a script?
All-seeing Cuttlefish 8 years ago
Damn, elsamuko, you're a GIMP master! Looks great!
François Collard Posted 8 years ago. Edited by François Collard (admin) 8 years ago
What about a script doing the opposite (with blue sky, too), for vacation pictures?
elsamuko 8 years ago
With the same trick a newspaper (blick.ch) made blood out of water:
It started a discussion about the power of image manipulation.


~ gosia ~ [deleted] 8 years ago
great work! :)
yo_tuco PRO 8 years ago
Excellent work! But I wonder if the OP meant wet as in drops of moisture on plants and what-not - a glossy look, I suppose.
elsamuko 8 years ago
I put a script on the google site:
It's working on the example image, but it may produce strange colors on other ones (eg. green roofs).
elsamuko Posted 8 years ago. Edited by elsamuko (member) 8 years ago
elsamuko Posted 8 years ago. Edited by elsamuko (member) 8 years ago
I gave it a try:
Camino a... by srgpicker

Sunny Day by elsamuko

Get it here:

Edit: Now in the Registry:
-Dhrubo- 8 years ago
Thanks ! This is cool.
{ pranav } 8 years ago
elsamuko That is awesome! It can bring life to so many dull pics...
AdSR on Flickr 8 years ago
I tried the sunny script. It really works in typical cases. My only peeve is that it cranks saturation up to 11 - or more like 13 :) - so sometimes it's hard to get a more natural look afterwards. But, elsamuko, you're the king of GIMP scripting!
François Collard 8 years ago
I'll need the script for the photos I shot last week in Burgundy;).
elsamuko 8 years ago
@AdSR: I added a desaturation layer and changed the hues to less obtrusive defaults. I hope this gives the final image a more natural look:

Sunny Day
Groups Beta