naoliv 3:21pm, 15 September 2008

I was reading and saw that some programs have an option to simulate bokeh (generally called "lens blur" on such programs).

I couldn't find such option on Gimp 2.4.7 (or maybe I have missed it).
Is it possible to do this with Gimp, please? (using gaussian blur doesn't give the same result)

Thank you!
prokoudine 7 years ago
Matrix Cowboy 7 years ago
I do it manually
the example picture also has a texture, but you can see the focus.

I will have to try that script.

I do it this way
I duplicate the image
Call it Main
I then Gaussian blur the background image to my likeing
Add layer mask (black in color, full transparency)
set the foreground color is white
set the background to black
choose gradiant
radius setting
foreground to background
click where you want no blur and drag to where you want full blur
i will then add a layer on top, all black
layer mask, all white
radius setting
foreground to background
click where you want no dark and drag to where you want all black


csaveanu PRO 7 years ago
Unfortunately, a realistic simulation of bokeh would need more information than what is usually available in an unblurred image. Out of focus regions of a picture have various amounts of "blurinness" as a function of distance to the camera. If that distance is known, I imagine adding blur at various levels can simulate quite well the real bokeh (if I understood well, Focus Blur, indicated by prokoudine, can do that). The problem is somewhat similar with correcting perspective on wide-angle images.
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