broken sentences! [deleted] 3:06am, 10 September 2008
So, I was wondering if anyone knew how to cast a shadow to the inside, to make whatever's being shadowed be sort of carved in, like a footprint? or somewhat like a hole on a wall.
elsamuko 9 years ago
jeffegg2 PRO 9 years ago
bump map.
jeffegg2 PRO 9 years ago
I know what you are wanting, like a drop shadow, but inside. Yes you can do this.
broken sentences! [deleted] 9 years ago
elsamuko 9 years ago
With layer effects so:
- download this file:
- paste it into the scripts folder of GIMP
- start GIMP
- press ctrl-l (this opens the layer dialog)
- make a new image
- make a new transparent layer
- paint something with the pencil in a bright color
- then go to Layer -> Layer Effects -> Inner Shadow
- press OK
- now you should see a shadow inside your painting like the one in the sprocket holes here:

gienie333 9 years ago
I do it like this:

Select what needs the shadow, invert the selection, then apply the shadow, to make the whole selection seem raised or dropped i set both x and y offset to zero.

The only problem is you now have to delete around the edge of the page, because that also gets a shadow.

But I'll try elsamuko 's way to!
gienie333 9 years ago
Thanks elsamuko, tried it your way, helps me alot!

now to have a shadow aroun the whole object i use layer effects -> satin.
broken sentences! [deleted] 9 years ago
that sounds great. i'll try it as soon as i can, thank you all!
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