Rick Drew - 19 million views! PRO 12:01am, 23 July 2013
I was shooting for a company called "Smartshoot." They paid $300 per job, each job took around 4 hours total. I was recently asked to reshoot a job. I was told to basically sneak onto the property and shoot the same thing 30 times. It was explained that 30 almost identical photos of the same thing are 30 different photos - different file names and slightly different angle.

I answered that this is not what the customer expects or paid for, and I am not going to lie to the customer of basically trespass.

I then sent the details to the top three people at Smartshoot. I mean, come on, what company would ask photographers to break the law - fraud and trespass. I expected an answer of "Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we'll look into it."

Instead they justified the practice, still sticking to the story that even 50 nearly identical shots of the same thing count as 50 different photos. I contacted over a dozen other Smartshoot photogs. All have the same story. They even brag that they'll shoot "20 photos of the same corner" or "the same room 30 times" just to pad the photo count.

Is it just me, or is this wrong? If you paid a photog $500 for a shoot (the minimum the apartment complex paid) and received 50 shots of the same thing, would you be happy?! In pretty much every state, this is FRAUD.

So I refused to trespass and commit fraud. I was fired.
Bee_Rad 5 years ago
Regretfully I see this type of practice in the industry that I am in also. Thankfully I have never been asked to do it but I see contractors doing it all the time. At least you will be able to live with yourself Rick and at the end of the day I think that means a lot. All the best.
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