Russ Dixon Photography PRO 7:39am, 17 April 2013
Hi all, i'm Russ from the UK. Just got the Epic Pro, and so far have been very pleased with the images created by it. Couple of questions though,

1, why does it take duplicate images of all the shots, despite being set to take 1 shot, with no bracketing?

2, what software is everyone using to reduce the size of the tiff into a jpeg for lower res versions? i cannot get either LR or CS5 to save them as anything else other than tiff, RAW, or another oddball format.
Bee_Rad 5 years ago
Dervish Images:

They are a great unit and I just wish I would use mine more often, just never seem too make the time. Anyway for your first question I'd check the camera, don't mean to be rude but you don't have your camera set to take jpeg and raw by any chance. Other than that I have no idea.
2) You can't use jpeg if one of the dimensions is greater than 30,000 pixels, LR and CS5 along with a lot of other programs can not open such a picture. I use AutoPano Pro (the GigaPan software sucks) to stitch panos and save as a PNG file, most programs seem pretty happy with that format. You can still upload PNG files to the GigaPan web site for viewing also.
All the best and good shooting.
Hi Bee-Rad, thanks for the reply, it is taking Raw and Jpeg, but thats not the confusion, it is firing the shutter twice at each spot, so i get 2 Raw and 2 Jpegs of the same image.
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