Rick Drew - 20 million views! PRO 9:12am, 24 August 2011
Most stitcher users just stick with the defaults - but there are some options you can change to improve stitching quality and speed. When you launch the program, or after you import images there's a "Options..." button. Click this and you'll see five options.

1) Image shooting order - only change this if you change the shooting order in your Epic head.

2) Combine images in draft mode - pretty useless - you'll have errors you would not normally see.

3) Build panorama at 50% scale - great if you need to check for errors. Chances are you can't open the full size image.

4) Use larger blending region - I always check this option. Fixes many stitching errors and edge exposure problems.You'll often see seam, stitch and blending problems on Gigapans - if your panos have problems, try changing this setting.

5) Mercantor projection instead of spherical/equirectangular - use if you're photographing artwork, maps, etc.

All these options reset to the defaults with every new panorama. Defaults are:

Stitching order: Cols, Right (also the gigapan head default)
All other options NOT checked

Of course, you should also try and set your NPP as close as possible.
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