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Dead Slow ADMIN November 19, 2015
Please take a look at the rules for this group before posting, thanks. People who keep posting shots which are specifically mentioned in the rules may find themselves banned, it's getting tedious and time consuming rejecting dozens of photos from car shows.

Group Description

A strictly-moderated, wonderfully diverse and excellent group of photographs, with German cars as the subject being the common denominator.

Group Rules

We want to keep the quality of the group's pool extremely high. We're aiming for quality, not sheer quantity (there are plenty of other Flickr groups for the latter). To that end:

* Your photo submission may not be accepted (subject to moderation)

* The common denominator is German cars. No non-German cars will be accepted, even if the photo was taken in Germany.

* If your photo is accepted, don't be offended if it disappears from the pool later. Time and resources permitting, the pool will be periodically pruned

* Do not flood the pool with multiple variations of the same picture, e.g., ten pictures of the same car taken at slightly different angles

* No cell phone pix or other lo-res, poor quality snapshots

* Keep shots from auto shows and meets (indoor and outdoor) and opportunistic grabshots to a minimum. Unless they're strong shots, they probably won't be accepted

* Members in repeat violation of one or more of these rules may be subject to a ban from the group

* Emphasis on real photography, not overwrought HDR or other trendy photo-gimmickry. Tastefully-done HDRs are fine

* Consider basic photographic concepts like composition, light, color, framing. Subject matter is a common denominator in this pool, but not what's most important. A strong composition of a humble VW Golf will be accepted; an average picture of a superexotic will not. The car is secondary to the photograph

Thanks, and enjoy the group. We have an outstanding pool as a result of the above.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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