lis186 PRO 5:44pm, 29 September 2010
I spent some time to develop a chrome extension for flickr and foursquare users. You can download it from chrome extension gallery.

fourlickr - 利用的你的foursquare check-in記錄為flickr相片加上地理位置 - Google 瀏覽器擴充功能庫


Checking in with foursquare is a good way to remember where you go. Upload the pictures you taken on that time is a one of the best method to share your experience. It is very hard to remember where the pictures was taken at after several days. fourlickr chrome extension is developed to solve the problem. If you checked-in at the day you took picture, fourlickr can help you to find out the place that picture was taken at. fourlickr will geotag the picture, add tag with place name and add the machine tag to link to the foursquare venue. After that, You will never forget where is the place the picture was taken.

How to setup?

1. Login to foursquare first.
2. Go to options page of fourlickr extension, then click on "Click here to get your check-in history".
3. Click "Save" button to store the setting.

How to use?

1. Don’t forget to check-in, while taking pictures.
2. Upload the pictures to flickr.
3. Go the picture's page on flickr website, then fourlickr will try to find out the place where the picture was taken.
4. If the possibile places was found, the logo of fourlickr will show on location bar. And the list of possible places will show on the page. By clicking on the place name to geotagging the picture, add tag with place name and add machine tag to link to the foursquare venue page.
5. The link to the foursquare venue page will appear after refresh the page.
Chuck Kahn 3 years ago
Why isn't fourlickr trying to find the place where my photo was taken?
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