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aemkei 6:08pm, 15 August 2006

After the great feedback on the Localize Bookmarklet I got the next secret something for you guys: A tool to browse the world of Flickr photos!

Here you are:

Key features:

- Tag Cloud: Filter results by specific topics.
- Find People: See where your or your friends have been.
- Place Search: Find any place all around the world.
- Fast Map Interface: Smooth zoom, map/satellite/hybrid mode.
- Fullscreen Preview: See your photos in high quality.
- Shareable URLs: Copy and send dynamic anchors

New in the latest version:

- Initial page load has been optimized.
- All major browsers are now supported.
- New look Zoom/pan control and moved to the left hand side.
- Current position bar added to show you where you are.
- Support for Umlaute in tags added.
- Search for multiple tags (separate by comma) now possible.
- Ads moved to bottom right.
- Firefox Ad removed from bottom of page.
- Text and links are now up to date.

Hope you will spend some relaxed hours using it. I did it in the past few months ;)

And, hey: Don't worry if something strange happend or if you can't find the right features you were looking for. Just drop your comment here and I will care about it!

- aemkei
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Very very cool. I seem to dominate Nova Scotia except for a few pics in Halifax. This feature it cool. Only think I dont like is it seems bit slow to move. But there is alot of data to process and graphics to display.
herr akx 15 years ago
@aemkei: :O It's very very nice!.

@westbound: it uses Google maps so I guess part (if not all) of that slowness comes from it.
herr akx 15 years ago
aemkei: is this searching in real time or using cached data? if so, how long it takes to show in the map new photos?
aemkei 15 years ago
@Westbound: Yes, some web apps run slow when it comes to fullscreen map movement, a huge amount of markers and transparent overlays. I'm doing my best to speed it up (Last week: 800% performace improvement ;)

@herr akx:: It depends on how you localize your photos. We got an scheduler running who's looking for updates every few hours via the Flickr API. A way to immediately feed the database with a special pic would be using the Localize Bookmarklet.

Give it a try and watch the map when your geotags has been saved...
_sarchi Posted 15 years ago. Edited by _sarchi (member) 15 years ago
I only posted this this morning after having this just hanging out there waiting for this to come on over
mikk Posted 15 years ago. Edited by mikk (member) 15 years ago
Jared Cherup 15 years ago
Great work!
Michael Jefferies 15 years ago
Seriously magic!!
aka Kath Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aka Kath (member) 15 years ago
This is great, thank you very much!
apurdam (Andrew) 15 years ago
Wow! Great concept. I agree it's fairly slow on 256k ADSL, but still quite useable. A weirdness, though.
I try and zoom on Canberra, and the map won't zoom better than all of Australia. What's more, the tags on the map look like they are scattered realtively correctly, but (presumably) for the map that would be there if the zooming in had worked correctly. I hope you understand what I mean.
A pics I took and tagged as southern A.C.T. is in the southern OCEAN! One I took at home, (northern A.C.T.) is in central Australia. ?!?!?
Looks like google maps is refusing to load the right map overlay, or something.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@apurdam: For me everything works fine. See your photo on Lord Howe Island. Sometimes a bug appears when using the Google Maps API: If you double left or right click twice before the smooth zoom animation has finished, the map won't reload the correct tiles.

I may disable the smooth zoom or try to dig deeper into that special API problem...
oliver regelmann 15 years ago
Wow, this is fantastic.

One remark: looks like that just 50 pictures are displayed at a time. While this surely is caused by performance issues it would be nice to somehow browse through further pictures from the same user / with the same tags. Is this possible?
ekurvine 15 years ago
Great work!

However, as i have already spammed Helsinki, i'd like a NEGATIVE filter to see photos that are NOT mine.. And why not doing the same for tags; looking for "cars", but not "Citroen"?
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago

- Buddy icon, description and infos added
- Hybrid / Satellit / Map state now included in URL
- Map tiles reload issue fixed
- Continuous zooming disabled to speed up interaction

@oliver: This functionality is coming soon, so we can browse all our pictures back in time %)

@ekurvine: Conditional filters would be great, but I guess we need some more CPUs to handle the massive amount of computing power. Handling multiple combinations of tags, places and people is still so damn slow %(
gigi4791 15 years ago
Your application is really cool. Can you make it to recognize geo-data embedded into exif file?
Thanks a lot
R4vi 15 years ago
I have to second gigi4791's request. That is maybe the only thing missing now.
mikk 15 years ago
@gigi & R4vi: As I know, you have to extract the geo data from the exif data. Try the bookmarklet that is provided here. I think it converts the embedded geo data into flickr geotags.

"Easy EXIF geo data extraction (if you've used GPS-devices)"
Jef Poskanzer 15 years ago
Best geotag browser so far! Thanks.

Parsing the EXIF geo data is not too hard, email me if you want details and sample code (I did it in ACME Mapper).
happysteve 15 years ago
That site and the bookmarklet are absolutely wonderful. Thank you!
Vondelskater 15 years ago
Beautiful app. Except... the "Find your buddy" functionality doesn't seem to work, I always get the "Sorry, no user found" alert. Am I missing something?
JesusDQ 15 years ago
I can see your photos using "Vondelskater", with capital.
Flickr is case sensitive with the display name.
Oliphant 15 years ago
Apparently I have just one geotagged photo known to the system, that one I did some time ago with a Google Earth tool (IIRC). In the last couple of days I've tagged a few more with the Localize Bookmarklet. First a couple (closer to home, here & here), the tagging worked fine but they don't show on the loc.alize map.

So I tagged a couple more (here and here) in the same area as the one that does show on the map, but they also do not show up.

Loc.alize is a lovely site, and the bookmarklet is very slick. Sorry for the "where are MY pics?" question but I'd really like to know why my newly tagged pics aren't appearing on the radar. Why? Help! TIA :-)
EdFladung 15 years ago
This looks pretty neat, but I have a serious problem with it. When I use the bookmarklet on a photo, it places the photo on the map exactly where I put it most recently. When I look at it in, it shows the photo in it's old position. I figured it would eventually update, but it doesn't seem to be updating photos which change. When I display my photos in, it says that the last update was 32 days ago. Does this mean that hasn't updated in 32 days or that I haven't updated in 32 days. I certainly have been updating my photos daily. What gives?
parallel flowers [deleted] 15 years ago
Very cool.. good work

~ lumis
EdFladung 15 years ago
The bookmarklet is really great. Apparently between yesterday and today a new feature was added to put a link in the notes on the photo so you could just click and find out on Google maps where the photo was taken. Love it!!!
w00kie Posted 15 years ago. Edited by w00kie (member) 15 years ago
all of my photos have been tagged with your localize bookmarklet but somehow, some of my photos don't appear at the right place on while others are ok
however both show up ok with the link to google maps

example: this photo is ok while this photo is skewed
the difference seems to me that I geotagged the good one last week and the bad one some time ago (weeks before you launched
jeroen020 15 years ago
Just found this - it's awesome! Thanks very much! All tagged pictures show up and it's a great way to browse your pics, as well discover those of others.

Next: a Media Center plug in so I can show my friends their pics on the big screen with a remote control....
aemkei 15 years ago
FIXED: The Ping is up again! Somehow the server was running an old version of it %) But it is working now an you should see you photos immediately after using the bookmarklet.

Unfortunately it is not possible to request all updated geotagged photos via the Flickr API, so some of your older pix won't show up now. Also some trouble with unicode charakters occurs (see all the ??? ???? tags in asia). The best way will be fxing this issue and later re-import all your 300.000 images to make sure everything is up and right again.

Stay tuned...
amused religion [deleted] 15 years ago
What about adding a group filter? e.g. only the photos in the group "Geotagged : Italy"

Compliments, very good work. I've just added a link to this tool in the "Geotagged : Italy" page.
*Rauch* 15 years ago
I'm so excited!
RickC 15 years ago
This is a really great site and service! Thanks!

Now if we can only develop a geotagging etiquette so people don't geotag photos of people.
comfortable thought [deleted] 15 years ago
I'm really impressed by, and the Localize bookmarklet.

My only minor problem is that not all name searches work as expected.

My name appears in Flickr as "Hello, I am Bruce", but to search for myself in I need to type "Hello I am Bruce" (no comma). I suspect that this can be solved simply by automatically stripping the punctuation before sumbitting to the API to do a search.
mortimer? Posted 15 years ago. Edited by mortimer? (member) 15 years ago
I really like the presentation and the layout of everything. But:

Doesn't seems to find any of my shots. But it might be because I use GMIF/ to tag by .CK. It would be cool if everyone collaborated to share their local database (or Flickr had a centralized database) for all the tools.

I can't either find any user I am looking for.
Vondelskater 15 years ago
@RickC: hear hear!
aemkei 15 years ago
@RickC & Vondelskater: So, who's gonna start a topic? (O..O)
.CK 15 years ago

I suspect how many people running their own databases to index geotagged photos. I've seen too many. There're 310,581 geotagged photos up-to-date. My database only got 83045 now. It seems not possible to do a deep search via API. I tried it once, Flickr didn't return really old photos. I choose to let users to sync their own photos and crawl everyone's new added photos.


It's a great work. I enjoy playing with the new site. I like the way of exploring geotagged photos by tags.

Response to mortimer, I am gald to ping your site when users add tags via my tools, if you can provide API service. (I have my unreleased API of ping already)

Another thing is that I tried to let users add custom map link in photo description in Yuan.CC Maps. Currently there're 4 map link services: yuancc maps, GeoTag Viewer, Flickrfly, and Flickr2map. When I added the style permalink , Flickr API seems not allow me to set description containing '#' character. Did I miss anything? Any tricks to to add it via API?
EdFladung Posted 15 years ago. Edited by EdFladung (member) 15 years ago
Just checked and my photos show "updated 2 days ago". However they are still in the old positions. It only see 10 out of the 17 that I have geotagged. :-(

Yuan cc shows all 17 and shows them in the correct positions.
Oliphant Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Oliphant (member) 15 years ago
For the record, my problem has been resolved and my pics are showing up just where I've tagged them. Thanks for that, looking good ;-)

Give that there are lots more geotagged picks on flickr than are echoed in this (and other) offline database - it would be really handy if we could have a search/import tool to locate (by user & tags) other pics and get them added/updated in the loc.alize db, especially for anyone who prefers to tag by means other than the bookmarklet.
James & Vilija 15 years ago
I really enjoy playing around with this tool. It is fun seeing what photos people have from a region.

A suggestion i have relates to how many photos appear on the map at any one time. More often than not the search will return more than 50 photos, but only 50 points will appear. An option to navigate to the next 50 photos would be great.

Also, i am not sure if it is possible, but how about having a few user preferences. ie: changing the number of photos displayed on the map, (fewer = faster, more = slower), changing the sort order for the results returned, interestingness, date taken, date uploaded, alphibetical order on title, owner etc...

A dream feature would also be to be able to minimise the navigation ballon on the left to a simple column of photos along on edge. This will maximise the space available for the map. One option might be to toggle between the more advanced navigation ballon that already exists and a simplified one.

Other than that I really enjoy the work that you have done!!! GREAT job!!
aemkei 15 years ago
Thanks for the critics out there! Things like paging, minimize panel, user options, full import and better buddy search are already on the list. I'll talk about it here as soon as it's online!

But keep going and post you comments here. There are some issues I thought about that were not discussed here ;)

PS: Thanks to .CK: for sharing his ping API. YuanCC Maps will now be alerted whenever a photo has been modified via the Localize Bookmarklet!
.CK 15 years ago
Aemkei also has finished his ping API. Yuan.CC Maps and GMiF will ping when you save your photo locations.

Thanks to aemkei.
gigi4791 15 years ago
Any chance to get to recognize geo information from exif file? Using Picasa and Google Earth it's very easy to geotag pics in a bulk. But the information is coded into the exif file. It's a very fast process comparing with anything else which usually requires manipulation of each photo.
Hope it will work:)
aemkei 15 years ago
@gigi: Yes, EXIF is included in the bookmarklet for a while. Read this comment.
w00kie 15 years ago
@aemkei: any ideas on my problem?
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@w00kie: Yes, the ping was down. Should work now ;)

To fix it, just run the bookmarklet again and hit save. That's it!
elicrisko 15 years ago
@aemkei: Hi,
I enjoy your work very much!
I made a mistake locating a place, and now there are two positions for the same photo... I have a shotscreen here...

Wrong place

How can I delete the wrong one?

The wrong placed is in the position:
East: 31.135935, North: 29.985034

Hugs, and thanks in advance!
gigi4791 15 years ago
@aemkei: thanks for your comment and your very nice applications. But I don't see a reason why I should use an application to extract the data from exif into tags. Especially when I should do that for each photo I have. all other map services (flickr2map, ck's one) can recognize directly exif data. This is the future for geotagging.It's more convenient that to tag each photo again using the Bookmarklet. Cool work anyway. Good luck:)
mdmarkus66 Posted 15 years ago. Edited by mdmarkus66 (member) 15 years ago
Very cool ap / bookmarklet. I have 3 minor nits (and when you're getting nits this minor, you know you've got something good).

On the "Geo:" line of the larger image display, the location is "East:" and "North:", but with my northwest quadrant pictures, the "East:" is a bit silly. I think having it be "Long:" and "Lat:" or flipping to "West:" and "South:" as the values become negative would make more sense.

When selecting a loction in the bookmarklet, the shape of the icon doesn't make it as clear as it could as to where exactly the icon will be placed. An arrow or crosshairs might be better.

On the "Copy and Paste" section, having a leading space available in the text to be copied would save a keystroke since the tags don't have a trailing space. (Told you they were minor.)

I also noticed that i had placed one of the images (done earlier by hand) in the wrong place, but after updating (again by hand), the browser still shows in the earlier wrong place. This seems to be independent of browser cache (even moving to a different machine that had never viewed the photo in the older place). Is there a timeout for the ap' to refresh its data, or is there a way to force a refresh?

All said, this a great way to find photos of a particular area. I like it a lot...


ps: Oooh, just saw the "Drag to refine position" thing. And X marks the spot. Nice...
deep metal [deleted] 15 years ago
Thank you! I've been having some fun with this for WAY too much of the day.
fraencko Posted 15 years ago. Edited by fraencko (member) 15 years ago
Thanks for your terrific work, aemkei.

I've got two short feature requests:
Could you let read out the document referrer when somebody enters the page. In case it's a geotagged flickr photo page do the following:
- add the photo to the database (if it's not already in it)
- center the screen to that photo and zoom in
This would have the advantage that I just had to link from a photo page to have people see the photo on the map. Also, this would be way cooler than this 'naked' Google Maps marker. ;)

The other one: Please add a function "Sync all my photos with database" either to (via flickr's application login) or the bookmarklet.

Once again: Fantastic work with both and the bookmarklet! Keep it up.
Greetings from Berlin,
aemkei 15 years ago
Hey there! Just wanted to announce that we gonna change the whole setup to make sure everyone is getting the latest pix from whoever and whatever we want. No cross dubbing database anymore, but direct Flickr requests via it's new API.

Some unit tests still has to be done and core mods are on the list, but I'm looking forward to see the next release at the end of this week. Sty tuned...
tones_space 15 years ago
Are you still going to display and look for geotagged photos or are you just looking for photos from the API; there are still a lot of people happier to stick with the good old method and it would be a shame to lose all those photos.
romrds13 15 years ago
Great job aemkei.
Quite an appealing mashup !
The presentation is much more useable than other geo-photo site I've seen.
rakerman 15 years ago
I am getting "sorry no user found" on my username (rakerman).
watz 15 years ago
I think is by far the best geotagged photo display currently out there, my only gripe is that browsing by user seems fubar'ed. Searching for "watz" from the link on a geotagged picture only gives results from someone who is not me...
BreakingTheHabbit 15 years ago
So if I upload photos with gps in the exif, will they get picked up by I have quite a few uploaded for a few days already and none are showing up on the map...
aemkei 15 years ago
Hey folks: now supports the new API! Many bugs has been eliminated and all the millions of photos will show up on the map.

- Find people not case sensitive anymore
- UTF8 characters in tag search allowed
- Special characters in people search
- Paging added to photo list

Hope you like this revision!
red horn [deleted] 15 years ago
I'm still missing many of my pics shot in Lebanon. Do I have to "push" them into or will they automatically be "pulled" by the site itself? (The missing ones are public pics)
gigi4791 15 years ago
It's not working in Opera or IE for me.
BreakingTheHabbit 15 years ago
Wow, it works almost instantly now! I just uploaded a pile of images with the GPS tagged in the exif, and they automagically showed up on! Sweet!
fleshmeatdoll 13 years ago
is the site down?? cant access maps at any altitude.
comfortable thought [deleted] 13 years ago
I use the localise bookmarklet quite often. It is great for my own photos, but won't let me geotag other users' photos even although I have permission to add tags and comments to the photos.

It would be very useful to be able to use the bookmarklet on Commons photos. At the moment I have to type in the geo:lat and geo:lon manually.
CancerCrab 13 years ago
I think this is working for me ... thank you ... course it may be highlighting the fact that I have a too old version of mshmtl.dll (or something like that) conflicting with Internet Explorer.

fansile 13 years ago
i love the tool. but can is display a set's photos togather on the map?
pdavideold 13 years ago
Lovely but please: add filter by Flickr group option!!!
oledoe 13 years ago is great!
As others have pointed out, it would be great to be able to see a map with all photos from a specific group or from a specific set.

(The latter can obviously be done by adding a unique tag, but you cannot force all members of a group to do this...)
.S.F.K. Posted 13 years ago. Edited by .S.F.K. (member) 13 years ago
I'm having trouble searching for two or more tags. I type them in the search box, using space to separate each tag, but no picture comes up on the search. And I'm pretty sure there is a lot of pics with those tags.

Am I missing something?

Oh, and I just LOVE the website!!! THanks!
.S.F.K. 13 years ago
Any help? I still can't use more than one tag for searches....
IrenicRhonda 13 years ago
aemkei the maps aren't loading. See this other discussion
aemkei 13 years ago
@irenicdonna: The geocoding bookmarklet is working again.
IrenicRhonda 13 years ago

Thanks. It's such a great tool.
aemkei 13 years ago
Update: New Version of

There has been a lot of changes under the hood. Most important are page speed and cross browser support.

The initial page load has been optimized. In my tests it is now up to 10 times faster! Please see how it performs in your browser and send me some feedback. The latest version took up to 15 seconds to display your photos. I compress'n'merged all files and changed the rendering behavior. It now loads important things (single photo, map) first and defers the display of all the related content (controls, photos around, ads). now works in all major browsers! Including Firefox 2 (Mac/Win), Firefox 3 (Mac/Win), Safari (Mac), Opera (Mac/Win), Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, and Google Chrome (Mac/Win). If you still run into an issue, feel free to put it into the comments.

More things to mention:

- New look Zoom/pan control and moved to the left hand side.
- Current position bar added to show you where you are.
- Support for Umlaute in tags added.
- Search for multiple tags (separate by comma) now possible.
- Ads moved to bottom right.
- Firefox Ad removed from bottom of page.
- Text and links are now up to date.

If you like sneak peaks, check this links:


Hope you like the updates!
fotograf1v2 12 years ago
Great adjunct to Flickr photo' placement. However, one problem I seem to encounter. Clicking browser back button does not return me to my Flickr page, I can't seem to get away from it map page/s. Only by going to 'Help' and coming to here can I again access my own Flickr photostream, etc. What am I doing wrong?
fotograf1v2 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by fotograf1v2 (member) 12 years ago
O.K clicking on one of my photo balloon markers then "Return to Flickr photo/page/stream" links gets me back home!
But another query: How can one edit to correct errors in spelling etc? Clicking "Edit /'?' on the map reference location script beneath my photo on Flickr takes me to the comments page/s, I can't see where to edit my photo's details anywhere that I can see? Again; am I doing something wrong?
IrenicRhonda 12 years ago
Can you explain again where these spelling errors are? The description, the tags, the EXIF?
hidesaku 11 years ago
ill-fated argument [deleted] 11 years ago
It looks like localize is not working today. Or is it me, my browser, or what? Anybody else experiencing this?
trailerfullofpix 11 years ago
No problems here. Using Firefox 3.6.13.
aemkei 11 years ago
We had some trouble with a DNS server.
Should be fixed now for all of us.
ill-fated argument [deleted] 11 years ago
-- Yes! Fixed. Thanks for the feedback.
banditjackpotty 11 years ago
Didn't realize there was a comment function. So I sent you a message. Twice. Sorry about that.

Great work on the website! It's really great and I love the functionality. I'd just like to see if a few things are possible to implement.

Firstly, I think you should look in to adding Google STREET VIEW as an option on the website. uses this feature and it really immerses the audience into the setting. Here is an example picture:

Another idea would be using Microsoft Bing map because it is smoother, and has a Bird-eye view that Google maps don't. I believe you can get their API at

Thanks for making your website, and let me know the feasability of adding these features (especially the first!). Keep up the good work!
Tyson Cecka 11 years ago
Awesome job! Would love a group feature if you are still working on it :)
eagle1effi 10 years ago
Paste HTML to embed in website:
does not work on flickr !
Buckeye. 10 years ago
That's flickr's fault.
I have tagged a number of my photos with the bookmarklet, but can only find 5 or 6 of my photos. Why is this?
pjc&co 10 years ago
Thanks! It's magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)
ill-fated argument [deleted] 10 years ago
loc.alize has not been working for a couple of days. Anyone else experiencing this?
aemkei 10 years ago
Sorry for that! It should be back again.
ill-fated argument [deleted] 10 years ago
-- Yep! It's back. Thank you!
I am new and still learning these things
hilofoz 9 years ago
Wow, that is just amazing. Now I can let my canal friends know where I have been! What fun.
light wren [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by light wren (member) 9 years ago
Functionality Question
I upload a photo taken with my iPhone 4S to my flickr photostream and its location is automatically set on the flickr map.

I click on the Localize bookmark and the map opens up with an arrow pointing to Algeria (I'm on the California coast). I have to drag and zoom around and once I'm in the general area, I have to make my best guess about where I was standing when I took the photo. Is this the expected functionality?

I'm using Safari 6.0.3 on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.8.3

Ken_Mayer 9 years ago
In my experience, the bookmarklet defaults to one of two options. (1) If the photo has geotag info embedded, it will default to that spot (is your iPhone set to record GPS data into the photo?) (2) Otherwise it defaults to the last site you tagged with the bookmarklet, so Algeria should only happen once. I think it uses cookies to do that, so if you have cookies disabled or some sort of security feature blocking cookies, then you will have a problem.

Also, if you are in middle to southern California and your longitude variable is blocked and reduced to 0, the location will end up in Algeria, so I think that just the longitude is getting blocked maybe?
light wren [deleted] 9 years ago

Flickr doesn't have any trouble reading my photos' location data and putting it on a map. The localize bookmarklet doesn't seem to be able to read the same location data. I tried it again and it does default to the last geotagged location.
Tatters ✾ 9 years ago
I have the same problem as L*E*O - The localize bookmarklet doesn't seem to be able to read GPS Exif data
davidrombaut Posted 8 years ago. Edited by davidrombaut (member) 8 years ago
Hi, I really like and I put a link to the localisation for each picture of my portfolio.

However, on the 2 last ones, the picture appears on the map, but not in the list of pictures at the left (explore tab and photos) :
beeldmark 8 years ago
Hi, I'm another enthousiastic user of

While it worked great and flawlessly for me for years, I notice that recent pictures are not visible on the map, when doing a tag search.

So: when I search on my user, all the pictures appear on the map (that is the 50 most interesting or recent). But when I select a tag (I always ad my user name 'beeldmark' as a tag), most recent pictures, from around may, and all pictures from july, disappear from the view.
I do my geotagging and some initial tagging in lightroom, then import to flickr.

Anybody experiences the same? Or knows a solution?
davidrombaut Posted 8 years ago. Edited by davidrombaut (member) 8 years ago
Hello, works again (at least for the problem I saw for my pics)...
Gertrud K. 8 years ago
Today does not work at all! Bring up a 404 error.
hushed plough [deleted] 5 years ago
Hello. is great option to view flickr photos. I have only problem with Map Interface. I can see only satellite mode. How can I fix it?
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