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aemkei 10:39am, 14 June 2006
Bookmarklet Preview

I just spend some time to create a slim bookmarklet that enables mapping, geocoding and (of course) geotagging directly in your Flickr photo page. It works with all common browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera) without the need for any extension.

To run it, simply drag it to your tool bar, visit one of your photo pages, hit it again and your done. No sluggishly page refreshs, just simple AJAX style behind the curtain ;)

Don't miss this bookmarklet: Grab it here!

- Fully supported Flickr location data
- Custom description for map-link
- Draggable marker
- Worldwide geocoder for any kind of places
- Switch to fullscreen version
- Smooth zoom when map was double clicked
- Link to map added in description
- Batch tagging: Remember last saved location
- See where someone else's photo has been taken
- Long/Lat input possible (eg. "N 40°45', W 73°59'", "40.75, -73.98")
- Easy EXIF geo data extraction (if you've used GPS-devices)

If you like to browse all the Flickr photos check!

Ps: I developed it using dynamic scripts. So all future improvements will be available without any worry. If you miss something, drop it in the comments and I'm gonna care about...

- Aemkei
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(1 to 100 of 609 replies)
RandomConnections Posted 15 years ago. Edited by RandomConnections (member) 15 years ago
Very cool! I love the way it generates the tags automatically.

Just two suggestions. Can you make the map moveable so that the location can be "fine tuned?" Often one doesn't know the exact address. And along those lines, if you have the lat/lon coords already, would it be possible to input that data?

And, BTW while I'm making requests, can it straighten out my finances and book my next trip to Europe? ;-)
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
You right: A simple lat/lng input would be cool if we already got infos from somewhere else. Hmm. What do you think would be the best way? Some Arificial Intelligence parser which knows where the massive numbers came from (Goole/Yahoo/Microsoft Maps URL cut'n'paste) or two fields to copy em in?
RandomConnections 15 years ago
Since you have to generate two different tags for lat/lon, it would make since to have two fields. Perhaps you could add this to the opening dialog box - something like address OR lat/lon.
Dave Keeshan 15 years ago
Wow that is pretty impressive, if you are looking for enhancements I think would be the ability to move from the currently tagged photo to the next photo as they are usually side by side.

I also said this about dreadworlds block rocker tool but i also prefer the crosshair approach to tagging as opposed to the marker version, but that as i have said is personal preference.

keep it up dude.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@Spud: A batch mapper within Flickr is what I am really would love to see. But moving from one page to the next photo isn't that easy, 'cause it would definitely require a page reload.

What I thought about is using the bookmarklet on a specific set or within the organizr. Hmm. Should be possible...

@RC: Address OR lat/lon will make it in the next release!
mikk 15 years ago
REALLY COOL, it works that simple. i need only few seconds to geotag the images. this is what i was looking for!
Dave Keeshan Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Dave Keeshan (member) 15 years ago
Hey aemkei

I was just thinking initially about the way flickr can show you the next and previous photo in your photo stream and start with that, tag a photo, retain the marker or crosshairs and allow the user/tagger to move to the next image and retain the information to retag. Batch tagging is a different beast altogether and may need a bit more work.
aemkei 15 years ago
Guess I have to dig deeper into Flickrs client side code. Hehe! There may be a way to manage multiple photos. Let me think about it and I'll put my hands on it...
Dave Keeshan 15 years ago
Cool, BTW don't be afraid to add a geotools tag as well if this tool is up to scratch you deserve it
RandomConnections 15 years ago
I appreciate your considering my suggestions. However, realistically, if you've already got lat/long coords, you don't really need this or any other app.

I think the fine-tuning with crosshairs would be a more useful addition than the additional fields. But, you could go ahead and add the lat/lon fields as an alternate to addresses, and include the crosshairs.

Still, I think it's a great app, and I look forward to seeing what new things you develop.
James & Vilija 15 years ago
Just a thought, having an option to link to the a googlemaps page showing this location posted in either the comments or the description would be BRILLIANT for first time visitors to use!! When you add the tags, perhaps the link could be posted as well?
fusaka 15 years ago
This is very nice. However, it erased all the previous tags from my photo.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@fusaka: UUUps!

I've checked the script on many tag combinations and got any problems. Can you please post the tags you used (hope you still remember!) so I can fixed this immediately?
Chuck Kahn 15 years ago
Yeah, it wiped my tags too. I had:

Prince Edward Viaduct

aemkei 15 years ago
Okay, I got it: It is not about the tags itself.

The strange tag disappearing happens only if you add tags using the "Add a tag" on new photos. All old tags will resist, because they are attached before you opened the photo page. If you assign the geotags first and then add some morre by hand everything will be alright, too.

I'm tweaking it... stay tuned!
aemkei 15 years ago

You can now even add tags after you went to lunch, got a cup of coffee, waste your time somewhere else and came back to your little bookmarklet.

Sorry, chuck and fusaka for loosing ya tags. Now I made it heavily stable!
_sarchi 15 years ago
..OK I'm on it my teston bridge item needs to be fine tuned but that looks good to me..
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
It's hanging on "Loading map" for me, with no javascript errors... I disabled greasemonkey in case that was causing a problem (I tried a previous greasemonkey solution that didn't work here either). Using Firefox 1.5.01 and trying it out on this picture in case that's relevant. I'm in the UK.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@folkestonegerald: I'm also using Firefox 1.5 and got no problems with your photo. May there be some other extensions blocking the bookmarklets behaviour?
ChicagoSage 15 years ago
Hmm, I'm getting the same "loading map" issue in both Firefox and IE.
.CK 15 years ago
Same here. And I found the reason. Do you guys install "No Script" extension? It will block the remote script of the bookmarklet. After I allow the script from "", the map show up. 15 years ago
aemkei: Thanks for this great tool, it really rocks! I just miss a link to the Google Maps page pointing to the location as suggested by James & Vilija above.

Adding the link in the photo description as Blogrocker does is fine and - in regards to the time you spent developing this neat little code - some shameless self-promtion for your web site would be totally acceptabe :)
watz 15 years ago
I had the "loading map" problem in Firefox, but after "whitelisting" in the Adblock extension it worked fine. Nice functionality, and very easy to use.

One thing I miss is the possibility of generating a Google Maps link that could be posted in the description. has this function, and it seems quite useful for non-geo heads.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
Hey, thanks for all the positive feedback! I now just can't keep my hands of it anymore%)

So here 's a quick update for you guys:

- Faster loading time (only half of he code gets sucked)
- GeoCoder adjusted (try search for "nyc", "10101")
- Long/Lat input possible (eg. "N 40°45', W 73°59'", "40.75, -73.98")
- EXIF geo data extraction (if you've use GPS-devices)

And about the self promo thing: What do you guys think is the best way to do this? I mean: We all hate spamming, don't we? So, where should the non-geek-Google-Maps-link placed at? And is the geo:tool=mycoolbookmarklet the best place to tag this flickr discussion page? 15 years ago
aemkey: Personally I never understood the utility of the "geo:tool=" tag... Maybe I missed something?

Why not generate someting like this in the photo's descriptions :
Locate this place on a map. GeoTagging by aemkei's bookmarklet.

I don't like to be spammed either but I personally think that a link back to your page is completely ok in regards to what you offer.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
Many devolopers think that rude "geo:tool=" (and other triple tags) would be a good way to place external machine data. And of course it is damn easy for those to see, who is using their fancy techniques.

But what about the massive non geeks out there? I always feel spammed when I see massive tag accumulations (as here or here), because there is ANY value added in a human semantic content!

In my opinion the description would be the right choice for "locate this" links and comments could deal as a place for self promo.
James & Vilija 15 years ago
I agree with the coment regarding the description being the best place for the promo and "locate this" link.

As an aside, I use tags to group photos and once you start geotagging lots of photos the number of unique tags used increases significantly rendering the remaining tags less useful. ie: The fewer added tags the better... (prevent tag clutter!)
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
I've moved the discussion about triple tags and self promotion to another topic. Feel free to give me your feedback about it!

Any comments about the bookmarklet still goes here...
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
@aemkei Map is loading fine for me here, maybe it, I don't have "no script" running or anything, maybe it was another extension blocking though. The search doesn't seem to work here, everything comes up "uups not found", for example searching for "UK", "England", "Hampshire, UK", "Fareham Hampshire England" etc.
aemkei 15 years ago
I am sorry to tell you, but street-level geocoding is currently available for the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan only. Google's licence for their UK data is restricted to allowing them to geocode Google Maps. Bad news, but I hope they'll fix it soon... 15 years ago
Just for info: searching for cities works in Belgium, but apparently not for streets
Leo Liang | 艳阳天 15 years ago
A question:
How to use the Easy EXIF geo data extraction?
My photos have geo data in EXIF already.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@aleung: Even if I can't see any geo information in your photos it works like this:
You should see a link below your photo in the sidebar saying "Map the original EXIF geo data". Click that link and the map should move to geo position included in you photo. (Should also work automatically when you click the bookmarklet for the first time).
Larry Price 15 years ago
Hey Aemkei, Thanks for this really great geocoding tool,
it makes it much easier to pick out locations.

It would be nice to be able to pass a start location and zoom level to the script since that would allow for specialised bookmarks. something like this

Another feature that would be nice would be if clicking the bookmarklet while visiting someone else's photos brought up the map (if the photo is geocoded) with the save and search buttons disabled.
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
@aemkie, sorry, it's always me, the "Map the original EXIF geo data" link appears here for my photos that are already tagged, ie this one, but the data (N 51° 31' 12.36", W 0° 6' 21.32") can't then be looked up... is it because of licensing of UK geocoding info again?
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@L.A.Price and my friends out there:

Thanks for the feedback folks! I've added the possibility to map someone else's photos by clicking the bookmarklet. Save and search features are disabled in the browse only mode.
aemkei 15 years ago
@folkestonegerals: You unlucky british guys! This is definitely an UK licensing issue!


I just hacked my own coordinates converter and EXIF data extraction should work for every country now!
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
Something's up still, somewhere. I've fixed the photo above, but see this photo that I've not tagged yet - the bookmarklet get the location wrong by (I think) not realising the longitude is negative (West), apart from that it's spot on.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@folkestonegerald: This should appear at the south-west corner of the Charing Cross Station, right? I had to fix west and south alternation, as you guessed, so it should work now!
elite mark [deleted] 15 years ago
That's the one, cheers
James & Vilija 15 years ago

Just a quick question, I am using IE6 and when load the bookmarklet the map hangs at "loading map". I can't seem to get further than that. Is this a problem with IE?? Or am I doing something wrong?

aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@ James & Vilija:
IE6 works fine for me! Look at the comment above. This may fix your issue. If not: Do you get any JavaScript warnings you can send me via mail?
James & Vilija 15 years ago
I just sent you the error message by flickrmail...
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
FIXED: I've added some additional conditions to make sure the bookmarklet is running even if Flickr won't return well formated EXIF data (as in your case: unescaped charakters which break the XML).
neilbruder 15 years ago
What sort of info is the location search looking for? It didn't recognize a search of "vancouver, canada" which works fine at the google maps site.
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@theuser: For me looking up "vancouver, canada" works fine. I'm using the geocoder you can found and test at the Google Maps API page. What kind of browser do you use? Do you get any JavaScript error messages?
aemkei 15 years ago
UPDATE: After celebrating the krauts 2:0 triumph against those lame crispbreads, I found some strange bugs, caused by the EXIF extraction in MS IE. Should work now: Happy geotagging going on :)
neilbruder 15 years ago
I'm using Firefox and the only error I get is from the search window saying it can't find the location. Actually it can't find any location..
aemkei 15 years ago
FIXED: The Google Maps API key now works with "" and "". This should fix some of the geocoding and mapping issues.

UPDATE: I've implemented a more sophisticated version of the geocoder. If you run in any problem, you should now get back some detailed information about what went wrong.
*Tom* 15 years ago
@aemkei: I like the way you've changed the geocoder to give a friendly message when searching for somewhere in the UK.

Haved you heard about the UK geocoder at Not sure if it could help resolve searches for UK placenames / postcodes...

Would it be possible to save a map view for those who take lots of photos in one place? For example I take a lot of photos in Salisbury, UK, and since I can't search for it, could I manually position the map, and save its extents so that next time I geotag a photo, I don't have to zoom and pan back in each time?

Just an idea - but I really love the simplicity of your approach to geotagging :-)
aemkei 15 years ago
Based on your feedback, I'm gonna add some features this week:

- UK and the rest of the world geocoding support (place names only)
- Remember the last saved position (using cookies to store data)
- Optional "Show this photo on a map" link in description
- Some shaming self promotion ;)

I am also thinking about an easy way to support batch geotagging... What do you think about it? Where would you like to use it (after upload completes, using the Organizr, in your photo set pages)? Do we really need this or may it be alright to always switch between single photo pages?
*Tom* 15 years ago
Sounds great :-)

I think the great thing about your bookmarklet is its simplicity - if geotagging multiple photos could be as slick, that would be great.

I for one am not sure if 'batch' geotagging is useful?

I would be happy with just an easy way to switch to the next photo - perhaps simply a next/previous link under the preview photo (and maybe slide the next photo across like the photostream/set/pool navigation preview, and refresh with new tags).

When you move to the next photo, the map could stay in the same place, in case you are geotagging lots of photos from the same place. The previous marker could change colour (?) so that you don't get your new marker mixed up with your previous one.

With that said - a new tab on the Organizr, where you position a marker, and drag photo(s) onto it, move the pin, drag photos... etc etc...

I like the idea of appending a "Show this photo on a map" link to the description.

As for self-promotion - hey - you deserve some! :-)

Just some ideas!

Mojo Yugen 15 years ago
Hey aemkei, great tool.
But…I’m having a problem with my photos and I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the way the lat/lon info is stored in my EXIF data, your script or Google maps.

This picture in question is this one:


In the EXIF data I have a latitude field set to N 39° 16.96' 0" and the longitude to W 104° 53.73' 0". When I used your script it mapped it to a location about 75-100 miles north and a bit west of that location. If I don’t adjust anything and add the geo tags to the picture it sets the tags to “geo:lat=40.6” and “geo:lon=-105.216667”. If I use your script to position the marker in the correct location and then save the tags it saves them as “geo:lat=39.282596” and “geo:lon=-104.895798”

My guess is that either your script or Google maps can’t handle the format that my lat/lon info is stored in.

Thanks for the tool, any help would be appreciated.
aemkei 15 years ago
@Mojo: Thats a strange DMS format: It doesn't hold seconds but assigns them as minutes' decimal values... Anyway, I've updated the script, so it should point you to the correct location now.
.CK 15 years ago
Does this (N 39° 16.96' 0") look like DM.m format?
ahhyeah Posted 15 years ago. Edited by ahhyeah (member) 15 years ago
dude, you rock, this will save me so much time, I love you! You know what would be sweet... if it added it to this group automatically too. Then I would love you a lot!
Mojo Yugen 15 years ago
Perfect! Thanks. I was becoming worried that my GPS or something was messed up.
imageo Posted 15 years ago. Edited by imageo (member) 15 years ago
Hi Aemkei

Your script is great, and so easy to use.

If you are looking for ways to enhance it, I have one suggestions, which dates back to the early days of geobloggers and geotagging. Hey that was just last year. anyway in the earlier times the convention was set up to put a link to geobloggers in the comments of your photos and that allowed your photos to be displayed on a map. I know there are a lot of ways to do that now include the However this approach starts up a different window. I'm suggesting a new/separate script that just changes the flickr window and shows the same style of display as localize but with no save location button. (I'm not sure is such a script can be parceled into the flickr comments of weather it has to be a script store elsewhere). Hopefully anyone viewing your flicker stream can then click on a Show the Photo link in your comments

Norm Hanson
rgdaniel 15 years ago
Oh my my,
This is a VERY slick little script, wonderful work.

All I would hope to see added is a line in the photo description
(after all current contents, plus an added line break or two)
with a link to "See where this picture was taken" going to Google Maps, plus of course the well-deserved "created via this slick script" link to your site.
mideast-transplant 15 years ago
this script is hot! thanks for the great work!

aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
Hey guys: Thanks for all the great feedback! I have nearly finished the "Show me that map" link, but need to test is on different platforms to make sure the tool is working for all of you.

@imageo: I agree with you that the best place to show the map would be the flickr page itself! But it is not possible to add scripts within a photo description, cause the Flickr team has to take care of evil code injection. So opening another window which shows the photo and it's location will be the deal.

(To tell you the truth: I will release my own maps online tool as soon as I have finished that Tour de France live tracking stuff ...)
workable fall [deleted] 15 years ago
Now it doesnt work , it says Google Key wont work for this page
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
UPDATE: The link "See where this picture was taken" will now being added in the description while you save your geotags. Furthermore the last saved position will be cached so when you switch to another untagged photo you will be where you have been before. This should enormously speed up the process of batch geotagging.

@peonza: I found any bugs so it may be caused by some other scripts running? Hope you'll fixed it.

If someone else running in trouble, please mail me what went wrong and add some details about you browser setup. 15 years ago
Thanks a million! :)
trjh 15 years ago
Oh dude this *so* rocks. Thanks so much!
teotwawki 15 years ago
the last saved position will be cached

Very useful. This is by far the best method of geotagging photos on flickr I've used, very easy... but, uhm, why does it not recognise the UK in the search?
Jose+Euge 15 years ago
For any search, I always get the error:
"Sorry, the Google API key won't work for this page".
Even for a simple search like "Barcelona, Spain".
imageo Posted 15 years ago. Edited by imageo (member) 15 years ago
Aemkei, well done mate

The changes are great, and i do like the "where the picture was taken" link and undertsand the reason flickr don't want you adding code to the photo display.... so excellent work

I have also found that my location in my EXIF data (added with google earth) is not read (see this photo, where as few weeks ago i think it was (anyway i'll investigate that further)

PS: Anyone who is not using the Localize bookmark applet yet. Do yourself a favour and try it out now
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
Glad you guys like the improvements :) For those who don't this might help:


Can't find my childhoods place!
- Not all countries are supported for geocoding.
- Available are: US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.

My hyper EXIF geo tags don't show up!
- Do you see those strange characters at your photo's property page?
- Some tools might have messed up your meta data.

It's hanging on "Loading map"!
- Some "No Script" extension will block the bookmarklet.
- Allow scripts from "" and your done.

I always get the error "API key won't work for this"!
- Any idea about this! Works all fine for me!
- What browser setup are you running?

Please mail me some details about you browser setup
(OS, browser, extensions ...) when something went wrong.
watz 15 years ago
Aemkei, the new version is terrific. The cached location and link-saving make it much easier to use.

I do have one possible feature request: Would it be possible to add a button for "Input coordinates" for manually setting the GPS coordinates? The map should then center around the point given. It would make sense if you have a general idea of the coordinates, but not exact.

I've just encountered this problem as I'm currently in Sao Paulo, which is not covered by Google Maps. Due to the city's immense size it is impossible to visually search for locations on the map, but using a GPS I could at least find the neighbourhood and then set the specific points from there (which would've been difficult without the coord caching, btw...)
aemkei 15 years ago
@watz: You can do this easily by entering the gps coordinates in the "seach" input . Try "-23.52, -46.62" and you will be guided to an old stadium in the center oof Sao Paulo...

Btw: I really love to see some pictures around that place. Take care and shoot ;)
jauderho 15 years ago
@aemki - You had asked about a non intrusive way to include credit. I would suggest using the same method as the Greasemonkey script that I use to comment.

Essentially, you put a (?) after the "See where ..." and make the ? a link back to your page or this page.

Additionally, it would be cool to have a link that points to Google Earth. Maybe a little earth icon which links to a .kml....
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
@jauderho: Thanks for your suggestion. I've included the little [?] pointing to this page. A KML-link would be cool! Indeed! Let me see if I can handle that...


I've also added some small changes to the script:

- An indicator shows up while saving the position.
- Auto return to normal mode, after the successful update.
- Smooth zoom when map was double clicked.
- Zoom level stored with position for batch editing.
- Larger map zoom control.

Hope you like it!
gilcreque 15 years ago
I have to say this is the coolest. Great job.
that's MR. POPLABS 15 years ago
Yes a very cool tool. THNX!
vanz 15 years ago
as they say: kudos.
straightforward, precise, fast as hell. I'm definitely blogging this one.
jauderho 15 years ago
@aemkei - Awesome. I just tested out your new version. I am eagerly awaiting the Google Earth link.

One cool thing too would be the smooth zoom that the latest Google Maps seem to have. If I use the scroll wheel. I can zoom in or out easily.
rymdborje 15 years ago
fantastic creation, thanks!!!!
Ryan Brenizer 15 years ago
Great update! A kml link would be cool indeed.
Alex Barth 15 years ago
great work you have done here. thanks a lot. this was what i was looking for.
Danny Testa 15 years ago
Great tool! I agree on the kml link
mikeccross 15 years ago
I remember I could map my photos with GPS EXIF information with your bookmarklet when I tried it a few days ago, but now I get the error message that only certain countries are supported (my photos are in England and China) e.g. . Has something changed recently? (I am only trying to view the locations on the map, not further code them or anything.)
aemkei 15 years ago
@jauderho: Unfortunately the mouse wheel isn't supported jet via the Google Maps API. Hope this will be up soon.

@mikecross: Thanks for the hint! Seems some lines changed in the geocoder, so i switched to my own Lat/Long parser. Should work now!

@kmlwannahavs: I'm gonna ask my server buddy if he would code that KML link. He's in vacation, but stay tuned ...

Well, what else do you miss? What about a full screen version of the map for better browsing? A way to see all of you geotagged places? Geocoding for UK and other restricted places?
Michael Jefferies 15 years ago
This is really useful and effective. A larger screen version would be good.
jauderho 15 years ago
I would vote for a way to see all my pictures..

One interesting thing to consider would be the ability to group in terms of a set together as well as time. I could envision an automated way of showing the course of one of my roadtrips to show both when and where.
dmealiffe 15 years ago
Aemkei: I don't have anything really productive to say other than, bravo, thanks, and great work!
aemkei 15 years ago
So I've done my next little step.


- Fullscreen mode added.
- Small interface improvements.

Any comments? Love to hear what else do you want!
bizzlenj 15 years ago
Awesome plugin, Just what I was looking for. The next step is some kind of integration with google earth where you could see a little tag on any location that a picture has a geotag for...
individual8 Posted 15 years ago. Edited by individual8 (member) 15 years ago
Hi aemkei, great work so far. Thx!

The only thing I need to clarify - I have the same problem like Mojo Yugen. I'm using RoboGEO 4.2.0 to geocode my photos and although the software itself shows the right decimal lat/lon values, it seems like the location written to EXIF is in a wrong format, which causes your script to locate the photo's position wrong.

You said you fixed this weird dms format, but for me it's not working.
aemkei 15 years ago
@individual: Ups, some old lines of code wen't back live again %) May you now countercheck the tool's behavior and give me your feedback? - Thx!
individual8 15 years ago
@aemkei: Now it works smoothly! Thx so much...

Everybody who had the same problem, remember to clear your browser's cache.
basswulf 15 years ago
That's great - I'm very impressed!
Nick . Brooks 15 years ago
This is a great tool, but it would be even better if you could localize a photo by just typing in the lat and lon coordinates. I have a stack of photos from the Sahara, that I've taken while doing fieldwork, all of which are for sites whose geographic coordinates I have. Without zooming in to a really high resolution (which can be slow and fiddly) it's not always easy to find the righ location visually on the map - in many of these places (especially Western Sahara) there are no settlements of roads, and the landscape can be pretty bare and featureles. I've localized a few photos, but the locations are approximate at present. So a lat/lon entry tool please, just to give you more work to do! But this is a great feature, and I'm not trying to criticise!
James & Vilija Posted 15 years ago. Edited by James & Vilija (member) 15 years ago
I think you can already do that, hit the "search place" link then enter your lat/long into the pop up. Google does the rest...

BTW. I should say GREAT work aemkei!! this is a brilliant idea excelently executed. You can take this concept and extend it to geotagging blogs anything using something like delicious as your database...
_sarchi 15 years ago
I just tagged this item - don't know if the idea of being able to centre the map with a button would help but keyboard functions do make it seem easy [mine are disabled at present] - it is essentially a very clean application quite neet! :)
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
Another monday update: I've managed to display the photo's title when clicking the map link. No ugly digits anymore, just sweet bubble views!

I've also updated the bookmarklet page and added some shameless self-promtionional links on top in case someone would like to spread this little helper ;)
3e 15 years ago
I'm currently working from a local copy of localizeBookmarklet.js
because I need it to not add the "See where this picture was taken"
link to my descriptions. However, I'd like to be able to take
advantage the continuing bug fixes/improvements.

I was wondering if you'd be willing to make that particular feature
user-selectable via a parameter, so that by modifying the bookmarklet
appropriately the user could disable it.
Michael Jefferies 15 years ago
3e; this may not be what you want but it is easy to edit the descriptor to something that may be more meaningful; see
for one I have altered. 15 years ago
Love this tool!!!!
aemkei Posted 15 years ago. Edited by aemkei (moderator) 15 years ago
Celebration: 100 comments! WOW!!

So, here is my present for you guys. It is one of the most wanted, even if we talked about it 50 comments back in time ;)


- Geocoding now works for the whole planet ( ! )
- Zoom based on geocoder's result accuracy

Try searching for places like "London, UK", "Sahara" or "Moldau, Romania". These and 6 million more places are now availible to you via Thank you boys!

So, everyone: Enjoy that cake!

(Photo by Dave Apple.)

@3e: I was thinking about user settings before. What do you consider would be the best way for changing the map-link? A checkbox, asking "yes" or "no"? A promt after hitting the "save" button? An input field in this tool's settings area?
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