MapPoint Book Gallery 4:24am, 17 August 2005
I would love to get your feedback on my latest app using maps:


The idea in my mind is two fold:

1. Browse Geotagged photos
2. Geotag photos

Your feedback?
I couldnt get your application to work in firefox. after i click start, it displays 2 radio button options, but i cant select either.

Also you might want to look into using the new API authentication scheme, rather than asking for the users Flickr username + password.

And finally a question, any particular reason you chose to use Virtual Earth over Google Maps? Just curious.
londondan 13 years ago
It's nice, Chandu, and I like what it's going for, but it wasn't exactly easy to use.

- Searching for a place implies that photos should pop up in that area, but they don't.

- Clicking 'start' isn't very intuitive to get going, there should be an option already there, next to the search (or part of it perhaps) that gets you started.

- When I do finally work out how to find photos on there, it only shows one of my photos - one in London - and no others. I know the zoom doesn't go all the way in anyway, but photos from other places don't show up either.

- When trying to geotag a photo, it's a very long process. Perhaps it could be simplified to let you drag a photo onto the map and then let it ask you if you want to geotag it in that spot, instead of having to find the place, right click, click geotag, drag the photo into a different box, etc etc.

I look forward to seeing how this idea progresses.
londondan 13 years ago
Oh, and when I try to log in it says it can't find me as a user...
IkoTikashi 13 years ago
Same like steeev for me in Firefox! Your "app" doesn't really do anything: "search" and "aerial" didn't do anything, "start" popped a "window" with 2 radiobuttons I couldn't click and also couldn't close the "window".
MapPoint Book Gallery 13 years ago
Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is IE only for now :( But to enable it cross-browser is on my to-do list though.

Will keep posting updates when I implement additions!

ChicagoSage PRO 13 years ago
Looks like a good start. Here are my few recommendations.

1) I like the ability to click to get a large photo, but I find the automatic gray square that pops up with the thumbnail distracting. I'd prefer to just be able to click the thumbnail on the map and go to the large photo. Also, I think Flickr Terms of Service requires there to be a link back to the Flickr photo page from each photo. (not sure about that).

2) It would be nice to be able to go a url by Flickr user name, like
ChicagoSage PRO 13 years ago
Another thought, it would be nice to be able to specify the set # in the URL, like at this site:
ChicagoSage PRO 13 years ago
yet another thought...

Does your site cache sets that have been previouly loaded? It would be kind of cool to be able to browse geotagged sets from all users.
MapPoint Book Gallery 13 years ago
Great feedback! Thanks!!

I will look into the popup issue right-away.

BTW, I have improved the drag and drop experience... give it a try and let me know.

Über Times 13 years ago
Drag and Drop works great. I have the same feedback as Sage about the auto popup.

How do you plan to handle multiple photos with the same geotags? Maybe an icon with a click event to show the photos at that location in a popup.
ok, though he didnt answer my question, about why he chose to use Virtual Earth, i found this on his website

he works for Microsoft in the MapPoint group, which i presume is also the group that developed virtual earth, that would be a pretty good reason to base his site on virtual earth :) this would also explain why the geotagr site doesnt work in firefox ;-)
3e PRO 13 years ago
I was assuming it wasn't working because it doesn't use the Auth interface...
steeev 13 years ago
well now you know better ;-)
MapPoint Book Gallery 13 years ago
Steev: Yes, I'm one of the developers (see my dev blog on MSDN: on Virtual Earth :) and that is NOT the reason why it doesn't work on FireFox! :D

3E: What is the Auth interface? Where can I learn more about it?
so chota, any news on when virtual earth is going to have decent satellite + map coverage for anywhere other than the USA?
Über Times 13 years ago

You can get info about the new Auth here

Are you using the Flickr.Net wrapper or did you create one yourself?
MapPoint Book Gallery 13 years ago
Yes, Steeev, we are working on both better imagery and world-wide coverage. Pl. stay tuned.

Uber: Thanks for the link! :)
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