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hemiVision.com says:

I was wondering why I saw the use of one of my photos yesterday with no credit or link to my page.
Originally posted at 10:12AM, 28 November 2015 PST (permalink)
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Garry Johns says:

I agree! I will hold submission of any photos until I see The Georgia Strait's response!
49 months ago (permalink)

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The Georgia Straight is a group administrator The Georgia Straight says:

Hi Robert,
If you have a link to where your photo was used we can see about rectifying that.
48 months ago (permalink)

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The Georgia Straight is a group administrator The Georgia Straight says:

Hi Everyone,
All the info is included in our "about us" description, see below.
My practice is to make initial contact if we are interested in publishing your photo on our contents page. Keep in mind we get many submissions every week and try our best to showcase as many photographers that we can.

Thanks again for sharing all your awesome work!

Group Description

The Georgia Straight is Vancouver's independent weekly newspaper and Web site. If you'd like to share your photos with the Straight's on-line edition, this Flickr group is for you.

We're always looking for photos of local and not-so-local events, people, and places to accompany our articles on Straight.com. If we publish one of your photos on our site, we'll credit you and link back to your Flickr site.

Please add your photos to the pool if you'd like them to be:

- Used to illustrate articles on Straight.com.

- Used in photo galleries on our site.

- Considered for the Photo of the Day feature on our site (local photos only).

If we would like to publish one of your photos in the Straight's print edition, we will contact you to seek permission (unless the photo's licence makes it clear this is unnecessary).

If you wish to submit your photos for the Table of Contents in the print edition, please see the submission guidelines on our site.
Group Rules

There are no rules for this group.
The administrator for this group has not set up any rules. However, please play nicely!
33 months ago (permalink)

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