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  • STICKY  Are you a geologist?

    I was just curious to see how many people are actually geologists. If so what is...

    Paulsydney4 months ago228 replies

  • How Old?

    I had this for some years now and have always wonder what the age of it would be...

    Thomas_130 months ago3 replies

  • is that an egg ??

    find this rock in South West Saskatchewan...i peeled it a bit .? Please give m...

    cctoxic1945 months ago5 replies

  • It's a fossil?

    Pedra / Rock Pedra / Rock It's a fossil?

    eliezerfb58 months ago6 replies

  • Thundereggs?

    Hello - I am a location collector of thundereggs from around the world. I take f...

    frodoclone58 months ago5 replies

  • Seismic Activity?

    I posted 4 photos on the site like the one here. Could this formation be the res...

    Thomas_179 months ago2 replies

  • Is this rock a granite orbicular?

    This rock grabbed my attention because it looked different and older than the re...

    liverscivias79 months ago5 replies

  • What is that?

    Is there anybody who can help me with this find? Here is a photo of the rock: w...

    Sarunasst79 months ago5 replies

  • Can anyone identify this?

    This is a rock found in NW Minnesota, Marshall County. Petroglyph or Fossil? A fairly large b...

    DocNordic92 months ago5 replies

  • What is this strange white rock?

    I found this hiking in Nevada. Any idea what it is? It is slightly opaque. i fou...

    Dustin C. Walker95 months ago4 replies

  • mineral makeup

    As a hobby I collect carved Asian rocks, I loaded some photos of a rock with an ...

    nortonpatrick95 months ago3 replies

  • Petrified Egg

    I found this buried today. It is about the same size as a standard chicken egg....

    mattbski799 months ago1 replies

  • Anyone know what the Green in this rock is?

    I was wondering if anyone in this group might be able to tell me what this rock ...

    ToySoldierThor99 months ago8 replies

  • Can you Identify

    Found this rock in Canada British Columbia over 10 years ago near the Frazier r...

    Y Daigle103 months ago1 replies

  • construction site photos

    Isn't somebody monitoring this site? How can those photos be even remotely asso...

    GEO M I104 months ago2 replies

  • Is this a natural formation caused by weathering of the granodiorite?

    This rock formation is located in the california's central coastal mountains wi...

    Feist, Michael - FunnyFence - catchthefuture107 months ago6 replies

  • Fossilised Tree Stump

    This photo is from the Carboniferous of Crail in Scotland. A fossilised tree-stu...

    Dysartian108 months ago4 replies

  • Need help with a rock i.d.

    This rock is located in Central Lower Michigan around 44 01 N by 85 '35 W I...

    John Guest108 months ago5 replies

  • I need help game to identify that this rock is

    I believe it is actually layers of clay, with several other things embedded.


    AndersonRPF108 months ago1 replies

  • Fossilised Tree Stump

    This photo is from the Carboniferous of Crail in Scotland. A fossilised tree-stu...

    Dysartian109 months ago3 replies

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