vansheen 10:22pm, 31 October 2010
before I get into the prob. I have had almost no probs w my E330 I had from 2005 to 2009, or my E620 that I have had for one year now.

I am a hobbiest, but I shoot regularly and have ample background operating computers, all this is to say I have loaded MANY dumps onto my comp over the years.

This is my problem/situation:
Usually I shoot on an 8GB Kingston CF, I take advantage of the secondary XD slot, and keep a 2GB Olympus XD picture card.
I have always recharged my battery when is gets low, and had nevr let it run out completely... until today

Today, we received our first snow fall, so I picked up my E620, (the CF was out, so I was shooting on the XD), on which I had taken many hilarious halloween costume shots last night. I remember the battery indicator had gone into the red, and I hadn't bothered recharging my batt. SO...

Today upon the snowfall starting out side I:
-turned on the cam, switching to the outdoor/mountain symbol mode, the display was on
-removed lens cap, pointed out the window, clicked the shutter.
- it sounded like it started taking the pic, then
-the screen displayed the "battery empty" screen, which I had never seen before.

I turned the cam off, started recharging the battery, and took the oppurtunity to load the contents of the olympus xd picture card, ie. the awesome halloween pics, onto my comp via my Media Gear card reader. I have done this procedure w this (my backup card)

the file transfer stopped after loading 8 of 100 or so pics. A message popped up (windows), saying procedure cannot be completed, a file is corrupted, something, something. a image file number was provided.
-tried to transfer again, same msg
-tried deleting the corupted image, and restarting windows.
-this time, in My Computer window, the XD card would not open, saying it wasn't formatted, format now? at which I chose NO, because my understanding is that would delet the contents of the card.

I figured I would try loading directly from the camera. So when the battery was completely charged I put the card back into th E620 after safely disconnecting the card reader.

Now, the camera displays CARD ERROR! I cant shoot on the XD
amd the 8 file that made it consist of 4 shot of running tap water, one of which is only the top two third of the image, the rest is grey space. 3 incomplete pics that have no preview available, and ONE halloween shot.
SD cards are usually formatted with the oldskool DOS FAT format. There are disk recovery tools out there that can scan this format and try and recover any deleted or lost files from it. You might want to give that a try.

I tried this one out a long time ago when a folder got deleted by accident on an NTFS drive:

According to the FAQ it can even recover files from a formatted disk, so that might do the trick.

When you managed to recover the files I think you'll just have to reformat the card to make the camera accept it again.
If you do reformat, make sure you don't do a quick-format. If the card is actually broken and has some bad sectors they will not be detected during a quick format. You might end up with the same problem afterwards if the card happens to be corrupted.
Do a full/low level format instead, which should detect any problems during formatting.
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