bYtE-sMaShEr 2:38pm, 22 August 2008
K... I've started this topic in 2 other groups and it's turned out to have some cool results... so here it goes:

Thought I'd start a thread to give some exposure to our under-appreciated photos.

New Instructions
Go here:

Type in your flickr username... press "Search"
Your least interesting photo will be the one displayed on the top left. Post that photo here!

I'll start:
(Needless to say, my previous least interesting photo is now at #7 on my popularity page... turns out it was somewhat interesting after all... this one's not quite as interesting =p)
chibbinavel 10 years ago
Here's my #200, I guess you could call it that!
mid move.... Posted 10 years ago. Edited by (member) 10 years ago
Least interesting photo in my stream:

Edit: Pasted wrong one.
bYtE-sMaShEr 10 years ago
Seems the popular page sucks... I used the flickr API to create this wonderful tool:

... and turns out THIS was my least interesting photo all along!

Smoke vs Clouds
*jwaldo* 10 years ago

It is pretty lame...
Neeku 10 years ago
Royal Carriage
Click and read the description about this royal carriage if you like... :)
Forced Perfect 10 years ago
IMG 3659
psardin 10 years ago
Come on, why nobody post since four month? Don't be afraid, we all have at least one uninteresting photo we wanted to share for obscure reasons!
La Poste
This is crap. The french quote as comment means : "even in a trash bag, a rose is still a rose".
Sweet One PRO 10 years ago
Poor Sarah Slean:

4 CBC Fuse 001

[Admittedly, this is a relatively crappy photo]
Makes sense. 0 views, lol.
It was a test to see if I could upload straight from my lowfi camera phone.

Gentse Feesten
psardin 10 years ago
I kindda like it, n3wjack. What camera did you used?
කේදාර KhE PRO 10 years ago
hockadilly PRO 10 years ago
@psardin It's the camera from my Motorola v360. Good for quick snaps but nothing fancy as it has a maximum resolution of 640x480.
bYtE-sMaShEr 9 years ago
Photo Shoot at Fan Expo 2007 13

911th photo.
pedrik PRO 9 years ago
I was shocked that this is my least interesting one, I find it quite interesting!

Untitled by pedrik
Copy of 60s_redesign_v2_jpeg1280wallpaper by Lamar Francois/Pictured by Lamar

Messed around with a photo I found on a Windows 98 CD with Fireworks ages ago now
flashy lunchroom [deleted] 9 years ago
Brum2600 Lug Guys
riffsyphon1024 PRO 9 years ago
Question: does it not prefer names with numbers at the end of them (though it works for another friend of mine with numbers in their name), or perhaps does it conflict with other programs that measure interestingness? I can't seem to get any of my images to come up and only my images.
Hev-Ding 9 years ago
It came out really bad, the crayons didn't fit how I wanted them too, then I over-edited it....
Jonas Thomén 9 years ago
12 to 1
Strange.... this is my least interesting photo then... It's a macro with a magnification of 12:1 =)
Darren McInnes 9 years ago
healesville sanctuary panorama

I thought it was good! I took it at Healesville Sanctuary after the bushfires
I was the only person there for half a day!
toodamnice PRO 8 years ago
IMG_1223 by toodamnice
earthy mandible [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm a little shocked that this would be my least interesting!

Shawn Brezny 8 years ago
yep, its pretty uninteresting.
Olympus OM-2 back side
R D L 8 years ago
Here's my least interesting photo-
OK, I admit- it's pretty boring!
djsmiley2k Posted 8 years ago. Edited by djsmiley2k (member) 8 years ago
I love the last two, the camera makes me wonder about its story.

Clearly an old camera, who used it, what for?

And the chess peices look awesome, Lovely shadow (Though I think with a more defined light source they'd look better.

Maybe its my habit of seeing "everything" as interesting, everywhere I go, everything I look at I'm amazed by!.

Oh and mine is :

Sebo in a bag :o by djsmiley2k
Patrick Johanneson 8 years ago
I dunno, some of these are pretty interesting...
This is mine..
honestly I like it ¬¬

superpirate 8 years ago
Flower Shilouette
Palimadra 8 years ago
Interesting photos.

The tool does not work with username as queries. It shows no pictures. However, it works is you search for tag or text.
My least interesting photo.

Fisherman offering fish
falconn67 PRO 8 years ago
Excluding the pictures I posted this week...
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