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cronuskane 10 years ago
Excellent.. Where can I find one? :-)
bionerd23 ☢ PRO 10 years ago
hm. well, it's good that there are smart women out there and that other women are encouraged to stick with their techie hobbies (if they have any) and stuff, but... why do those "fangirls" always have to insistently point out that they are female and look female and wear nice clothes and all that. do they have low self esteem and feel awkward about their hobbies after all? does that make them less female, so they have to talk about how female they are despite their hobbies, all the time? i dont get it. personally, i couldnt be bothered to shop for "designer clothes" if i was so geeky i'd even turn my garbage can into R2D2. *shrugs*
theslyestfox 10 years ago
i don't think all of us female geeks feel like we have to point out that we "wear nice clothes" or are obsessed with "designer clothes", but i think one of the reasons why they might put emphasis on it is because classic stereotyping says that geeks are usually male, and don't dress well, or eat junk food so are usually overweight (or too stick skinny) and don't shower and have bad hygiene habits etc. NONE of these things are true, as what makes one geeky, i think, has more to do with one's hobbies than what one looks like. however i have been told COUNTLESS times that i am not a "real" geek because i'm a good looking girl. people have said i'm "too hot to be a geek" or that i'm posing as a geek to garner male attention. to some people it doesn't matter that i love videogames, play D&D, paint minis, go to conventions dressed at mario....all that they see is that i'm a cute girl so i must either not be a valid geek, or that i am pretending to get boys.
so i suppose those girls pointing out that they are fashionable and cute, as well as geeky might stem from them getting the same reaction from people. i do think that the tone of that article was a bit....braggy or brash, like when she says "At comic-book conventions, I am a supermodel. The ogling and flirting never stops. I get stuff for free, or I get ridiculous deals." which is just silly. I also don't like how she keeps calling herself a fangirl, and would never classify myself as such. sure, i'm a girl, and i am a fan of some geeky things, but the term "fangirl" implies more an obsessive worship of something rather than a genuine interest/involvement with that thing. fangirl seems too passive to me, as if you just like the thing and do not participate in it.
anyway this got too long way too fast.

/end rant
Twinmama PRO 10 years ago
Excellent points, slyestfox.
TimFromWales 10 years ago
Can we be clear that not all geeky women are hot...
i think geeky woman are hot for the same reason diamonds are expensive: perceived scarcity
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