geekb4u 2:48pm, 15 February 2008
hey! let me tell u we have to post some mind blowing photos like cyborgs,how would be future in 2050, nano technological goods, Space life,etc so very high end cutting edge so plz plz contribute it by end of this year we have to be contribute notless than 5000 photos .
egorgry 11 years ago
that is very ambitious. I'll get right on it. :)
MrDAT 11 years ago
Is that al that geeks are in to? I know I'm not.
.solo 11 years ago
My macro setting isn't good enough to capture nano tech goods, and all the cyborgs I try and get a picture of pull a shotgun on me and ask if I'm John Conner...
geekb4u 11 years ago
hey! egorgry thank u for u r interests we will show what gonna be extreme Cyberpunk in future the Matrix world will be no more comparision to ours. (hoping....................................
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