conscious basket [deleted] 2:37pm, 27 January 2008
Not me
MrDAT 11 years ago
define real? would a true CS student count?
egorgry 11 years ago
I dropped out of college because I'm stupid I was more of a skater punk when it wasn't cool, but now I'm a unix systems admin for a financial company.
Phing. 11 years ago
I am! Why hide it?
The Great Gray Skwid 11 years ago
I am geek enough to see plenty of reasons why one should spell things correctly and avoid pointless letter/symbol substitutions.

(OMG, pwned j00!!!1!!eleventy!)
mayki76 11 years ago
i kind of did. i went to geeks school and then a geeky grad school program, but i was never one of the geekest students in these schools.
conscious basket [deleted] 11 years ago
*n3wjack's world in pixels Posted 11 years ago. Edited by *n3wjack's world in pixels (member) 11 years ago
CS graduate here,
and now I work in the ICT sector
so I guess I qualify :)
splendid iron [deleted] 11 years ago
CS student, working for an IT company. Geek? Well, kind of...
geekb4u 11 years ago
geekiness apply different people differently ,upto my concern one who knows truth of geekiness is a complete geek
giant zephyr [deleted] 11 years ago
Never really went to school. I guess I'm kind of a Zone 7 ur-geek.
.solo 11 years ago
Hmm... back in highschool I played Ultimate Frisbee and was on a science competition team, and then I went to college for a degree in computer aided drafting. Yeah. I think I qualify.
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