dartar PRO 8:03am, 30 August 2007
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I recently cooked up a simple script based on a combination of phpFlickr and Lightbox to run a Flickr-API-powered gallery for personal use: http://nitens.org/photography_flickr/

It's a dirty hack, nothing that I will ever release, just an experiment to see whether I could come up with a nice solution for a portfolio website on top of my flickr stream.

I've now realized that I want something Flickr-free for a photography portfolio (thanks Nils for the wise advice), so here's my (off-topic) question.

Can any of you recommend a lightweight PHP script to run a photography portfolio?

My wishlist:
- actively maintained (or at least well coded/documented)
- out-of-the-box Lightbox JS support would be a plus
- MySQL backend
- output easy to style via CSS
- the possibility to create albums or categories. No hierarchy, just a simple way of grouping pics together.
- no need of comments, tags, EXIF parsing, fancy rating functionality, "send this to a friend" etc. I already have Flickr for this!
- OTOH some on-the-fly image resizing/thumbnail generation via GD libraries might be useful.
- GPL-licensed or similar

Does something like this exist? I don't have time to code it myself.
egorgry 11 years ago
I've been looking for something similar but I always find some annoyance that I can't seem to get past. This is still on of my favorites though. I've tried more then I can remember too. For some reason this one always stood out.
Zen Photo
Check here too...
freshmeat dot net
dartar PRO 11 years ago
thanks egorgry, I checked out zenphoto and it definitely looks like the way to go!
El Módem 11 years ago
dartar PRO 11 years ago
Hi El Módem, I finally settled on zenphoto, an excellent piece of software, completely modular, with a very active development community.

This is my new (zenphoto-powered) portfolio:
El Módem 11 years ago
I was late for the sugestion :)

Nice portfolio (like "the ten for a fiver"). I like the web design, I will try Zenphoto
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