*n3wjack's world in pixels 3:52pm, 13 November 2006
I know these type of questions are hard to answer, and depend on the approach you want to take, but I'm looking into some AJAX frameworks to figure out what I can use for a project at work.
Basically I'd like it to be independant of any kind of server-side scripting or programming language, which is what most of them are besides the Java based one Google has.

If any of you geeks have any hands on experience with frameworks, I'd love to hear about your findings.

Currently I'm leaning towards Prototype which I found out about as I was sniffing through bbPress code. Apparently it's used in Ruby on Rails as well, so I guess that means it doesn't suck right?
splendid iron [deleted] 12 years ago
Prototype is good, in my opinion. And it works well with script.aculo.us (visual effects). You can find some highlights of Prototype at encytemedia.com
jimbo2150 12 years ago
Yeah prototype definitely looks like a kick ass framework, mainly because it has a clean AJAX framework, and no UI stuff interweaved in it.
Script.aculo.us takes care of the fancy effects if you want them, which is nice.
I like it when things are seperated like that.
Dojo Toolkit is a good framework.
*TANS* PRO 12 years ago
www.zkoss.org/ for AJAX + XUL
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