*n3wjack's world in pixels 9:09am, 26 September 2006
Hi geeks,

I'm pretty sure some of you guys'n'gals can satisfy my curiousity, but recently I've been working on this web application which had to include support for non-western character sets, and in particular the wonderfull Chinese language.

While figuring out how on earth I was supposed to enter those nifty looking characters with a plain european keyboard, I wondered how an actual Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Whatever keyboard layout looked like.
I'm guessing you guys aren't using the plain qwerty ones with the same input software I used.

So if you have one of those in front of you, why not snap a pic of it and uploaded it to the pool?
I'd love to see a few of those.

markusf 12 years ago
For chinese and japanese you can actually use a qwerty KB.
There's an input method, where you just type out the way the character sounds, then you pick the actual character that you want.
egorgry 12 years ago
Neil.R.T 12 years ago
I'll snap a pic of my keyboard at work after the weekend -- it's a QWERTY layout with Korean characters (not that exciting, but I'll still post the photo here).
I was wondering how they work over there with the western alphabet keyboards. Of course it has to make more sense if you actually speak the language.
I'm just ramming the keys and hoping to get some Chinese out of it.

"pipi" always seems to be working... which is kinda funny, in a childish way :)
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