ben- 2:38am, 8 August 2006
I found that I own a IIfx what should I do with it?
Gareth.Evans 12 years ago
Donate it to the Smithsonian? :P
ademrudin PRO 12 years ago
Put it up for grabs on FreeCycle. Someone will have a use for it. I've got an old 680x0 based mac (SE/30, huzzah!) that's running NetBSD now and serving up my files locally. I keep meaning to get Apache on it and use it as a web server...
fair throne [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by fair throne (member) 12 years ago
Come join the 68k MLA group and post some pics of it and get some help making it useful!

bright transport [deleted] 12 years ago
- Make it into a server.
- Use it for games.
- 3D rendering?
- Get another few and cluster them :-)

It's a Mac, the possibilities are endless!
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