Baywhale 10:05am, 21 July 2006
The Amazing Secret Angels are a team of flickr photographers who donate the unused power on our computers to medical research.

World Community Grid
employs unused capacity on individual computers to process encrypted raw data then returns the results to a secure server. The software takes a back seat when you're using any application so there is no slowdown in performance – it only uses the resources that other programmes don’t need.

It’s straightforward to download and doesn’t require you to do anything at all – a painless way to contribute to charity.

You can find out more from World Community Grid where you can join our team of flickr photographers 'The Amazing Secret Angels'.

I hope this is of interest to members of this group – please come along and check it out.

Thank you!
still running the old one myself, running the cancer research program

too bad it doesn't work through a http proxy though, otherwise I could run another instance at work :)
Hi, *n3, come along and join our flickr group anyway, we have a couple of members signed up only to other grids
enchanted home [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm donating my "unused"* power to art.


Fn 1 -- there is no such thing as unused power. Keeping a computer from going into sleep mode consumes extra power and contributes to inconvient global phenomenon. Not that I really care, your SUV is the problem :)
Thanks for raising that point, mpd. The short answer is that the research will be done anyway, so it doesn't matter in terms of global energy whether it is your computer that does the processing or a commercial operation – the advantages of World Community Grid are that the processing will be done more quickly and the results made freely available. Also if you follow the World Community Grid suggestion of only running the software during your normal computer use, then nearly all the energy used is energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Finally, environmental responsibility is a separate question from humanitarian relief. To avoid damaging the environment, we should watch our energy use in all areas, and yes including SUVs. Switching off a couple of conventional lightbulbs will compensate for the total power drawn by a computer - whether your using your computer to just surf flickr or at the same time making use of its unused resources to process research data. Doing both at the same time must make sense?
enchanted home [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by enchanted home (member) 12 years ago
then nearly all the energy used is energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Nope, the sleep issue aside, CPU's generate more heat (and consume more power) when thinking than when doing no-ops. The energy would not be wasted, it would otherwise not be consumed.

That being said, donating some power to scientific causes is a cool idea, though certaintly not a new one. Such things have been around for years. There's also the likes of and plenty of other things available through BOINC.
Beny Shlevich 12 years ago
I'm also sticking with the good ol' cancer research (which is in Phase II by now!), after a short period with SETI@home.
IMO, This is one of the best charity efforts ever, and I heartly encourage everyone to sign up.
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