enchanted home [deleted] 11:01pm, 18 July 2006
This may be of interest. I'd post it elsewhere though few would be able to grok it. Here goes...

Jindřich Nový (the Red Hat libusb maintainer) has released some USB code on sourceforge for remote control of Canon cameras. He was using this in Lybia and Turkey to control five or six cameras at once as part of some solar research project ... though the code should be just as good for one or two cameras just as easily as 5 or 6. I'm hoping someone finds a killer application for this. Time lapse photography is obvious, but perhaps more fun can be had.

He says that shutter speed, ISO, and aperture control is possible from the software.


Gear and lens envy:

Solar pictures:

Explanation of photos (warning: math)

I might play with this some this weekend, though I have not yet decided what the killer app is.
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