Br3nda PRO 9:05am, 6 June 2006
this new feature... don't you wanna use all the features?

what do fellow g33ks think?
Shall we limit the number of posts per day someone can make to this group?
plain market [deleted] 12 years ago
no unless someone/thing spams here
egorgry 12 years ago
one post, per day, in one catergory, chosen for you by the group owner. Like cyphertext said, only if spam is an issue. I havn't been here too long but it doesn't seem like a problem. Everyone seems cool.
tacit watch [deleted] 12 years ago
i hope not, i put 20-30 pictures to the group in clusters and then go weeks without submitting anything. i had thought about this issue too and we haven't had too much of a problem in the community those far *knocks on wood* so until we do i think we could hold of on being a victim of feature-creap.
tacit watch [deleted] 12 years ago
we are also two members away from one thousand. how magnificent.
Br3nda PRO 12 years ago
w00t for us!
jrhyley 12 years ago
C'mon, you know 1024 will be the real milestone.
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
1024 or bust!
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