tacit watch [deleted] 8:39am, 5 June 2006
Well the visual and navigational overhaul seems to be complete. I felt like I didn't have an arm or a leg when the functionality of your groups was absent from the new Organizr. Happy to see that return..

but I figure if anybodys opinion matters it would be the geek community. What do you think of the Flickr redesign? Do you dig the future or do you prefer.. "pre-Gamma" Flickr?

Let us know!
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
For the most part I like it. It took a few days to get used to doing things a new way, but I think the added functionality overcomes any of the limitations I've encountered. I particularly love the new Organizr.
techie.jimbo 12 years ago
I think there is now less that you can do with Organizr. Some links do not seem to work from time to time, and things like batch editing was a little difficult to find.

I like the new design of the main part of the site, but the Organizr could use some touch-ups.
Dragonhide 12 years ago
Yay from me. I love all the new navigation stuff.

Couple things I'm still disappointed about- a way to add a photo to several groups at once.. if there is a way I haven't discovered it. Maybe by design to prevent spamming?

And, when you go to like page #5 of someone's photostream, and then use the next button a couple times to see the neighborhood pictures, there is no way to return to page #5 except by using teh back button several times.

"Back to page #X" feature would be nice if you follow a tangent off a index and want to return easily.
Br3nda PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Br3nda (member) 12 years ago
partly yay...

The drop downs degrade gracefully and work on my PDA+cellphone now, which wasn't the case before.

The "add to group" sitll doesn't work on mobile devices.

I wish they're update flickr.com/mob

The edit as a batch used to be javascript+xhtml... now you can only do that using macromedia flash, which suprisingly doesn't work on mobile devices.. and i can't do on my desktop either because i don't use i386.
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