Newbie Alert! :)

robust noise [deleted] 10:20pm, 28 April 2006
Greetings! I'm new here.

N00b, Newbie... whatever you'd like to call me... just be nice! :)

I'm geeky enough to build my own system, patient enough to help others when I can, but definately NOT patient enough to help family members who don't like to listen and who go click-happy.

Click-happy drives me batty.

Gaming addict. Flickr addict. Photography addict.

(oh but I hide my gamer aspect... I find it scares most people off.. :) Can I be free here?)

Anything else?

Thanks for the invite! :)

Insanity Infusion
Felipe Navarro V. 12 years ago
Tanti Auguri!, Dear padawan :P
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
Welcome Insanity Infusion! We be nice if you are! ;-)
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