LCD tv/monitor PRO 5:02pm, 11 April 2006
I just purchesed a LG TV. Its for my truck. Now the sales dude tried to sell me the extra service fee of $139 for that(he failed). TV came to $525. This is an LCD tv. Also has a vga input for a computer and HD apparently. I am a geek, but have been a long user of CRT. I use Dual 19 CRTs on my g4. I just dont know much about LCD. Sales dude said they are prone to damage from power surges. Is this true? My UPS is too big for my power inverter in the truck.
sinewalker 12 years ago
I prefer LCD because the image is more stable. Even at 85Hz, the refresh flicker on a large CRT (21" at work) is distracting if there's a white background -- and most IDE's have a white background and can't be changed consistently (seriously, try to change colours in NetBeans! Even Eclipse is pretty bad).

I don't know about the power surges, but my hunch is that LCD would be less draining on your truck's electrical system anyway. You could always just put a surge protect in-line from the power rail to your LCD, rather than a full UPS. My guess is brown-out would be more likely issue in a truck than surge anyway. Can't see this as causing electrical damage, but I'm just talking out my ass on this point ;-)
andrea.paiola 12 years ago
CRT have more shadings.
Good LCD cost a lot!
egorgry 12 years ago
A common mistake people make is that lcd's draw less power.lcd and plasma actually draw more power. The power surge thing is news to me if that's true. I think he just wanted to sell you the service plan. I think if you do some google searches you will be able to figure out what you need to do.
markusf Posted 12 years ago. Edited by markusf (member) 12 years ago
How often will you watch tv in your truck? o_O; Or how often will your truck watch tv? =P
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