Mark PRO 11:54pm, 1 April 2006
Hey there - need some advice!

What's the best CPU for using Photoshop?

Choices are:
Intel Pentium D920 2.8 Ghz, (or maybe the 3.0ghz one)
Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ (or maybe the 4200+)

What would you go for when doing photoshop work? Is there a difference between them?

Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
Interesting question. I have access to both the 930 and X2 3800+ but I don't have Photoshop installed on either. I certainly will try at some point unless somebody beats me to it.
Devar 12 years ago
I use CS2 on a X2 4400+ system w/ 2 gig of RAM. At these speeds ... I don't think you really notice much difference in performance with it. :-)
patrick_niklaus 12 years ago
If you only want to use Photoshop you don't need an Dual Core CPU. ;)
Mark PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Mark (member) 12 years ago
Thanks for the advice so far - maybe Dual Core would be overkill then?? It's for dealing with photoshop files in excess of 100Mb and I just thought that the more powerful the better...? If I could spend less and still get just as speedy performance, that would be great...
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
I wouldn't say Dual Core is overkill. Photoshop CS/CS2 is optimized for dual processor/core platforms and you will see a bit better performance with Dual Core, especially when multitasking with other apps.
Mark PRO 12 years ago
I didn't know that about PS CS/CS2 - useful to know. I guess Dual Core is the one for me - thanks for the help!
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
Just to let you all know, I got around to installing Photoshop CS2 on my Dual Core box and compared it a Prescott box. In certain modes, particularly Merge to HDR, Photoshop flies. I mean really takes off. Merging 3 exposures into a HDR file was on average about 40% faster.
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