*n3wjack's world in pixels 11:51am, 8 March 2006
Hi geeks,

I'm thinking about setting up a full fleshed blogging tool on my own domain instead of using Even though Blogger is cool, I like the feeling of having it all under control, and being able to make some changes or add new features when I see fit.

The requirement I'm thinking up right now are:
- PHP/mySQL based
- open source
- open architecture/easily extendable (in case I want to change it)

After a quick search I've come across the following that look promising:
- drupal (
- geeklog ( I like the name
- geska (
- lifetype (

Does anyone have any experience with any of these (good or bad) or do you know any that way cooler than these? I'd love to hear.
hallowed sidewalk [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by hallowed sidewalk (member) 12 years ago
I highly recommend this book
WordPress does all that, and it kicks major booty on top of it.
fretful year [deleted] 12 years ago
Wordpress is great. I used it for my main photo site after I moved it from blogger. I use to host the site with no problems
spectacular thumb [deleted] 12 years ago
Wordpress rules and I've tried em all!
Well I've noticed the WP distribution is pretty slick, so that's cool. I'm gonna give it a shot soon, when I get that bloody mySQL connection to work on my webhost...
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
Highly recommend WordPress. But if you are really geeky and don't mind rolling up your sleeves once in a while then Textpattern is pretty good, too.
fair throne [deleted] 12 years ago
I give a nod to WordPress as well. Works well for me.
djloche PRO 12 years ago
I'll throw in +1 for textpattern too
Andrew* 12 years ago
What about Typo?
I looks great and is very dynamic
You need ruby on rails tho
Br3nda PRO 12 years ago
i've used drupal for little while - mostly because i wouldn't touch mysql with a very long pole. - i've not used the other you mention but drupal serves me well. Making themes is easy. making your own custom modules takes a bit of RTFM but it's fairly logical. Mostly i pull in RSS feeds from my other blog like sites i use such as flickr, and display then in drupal.
bored earthquake [deleted] 12 years ago
wordpress is THE ONE! ;)
Andy Ciordia PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Andy Ciordia (member) 12 years ago
all these wordpress fanboi's ;) *j/k j/k* If you have some savvy skills and want something rather cutting edge in the Ruby & Rails camp look in to typo. (

*edit* snap, I see Atariboy beat me to it hehe!
I got it up and running on WordPress at

thx for the info lads, I think WordPress is defo a good choice
robust noise [deleted] 12 years ago
Speaking of WordPress...

Ok now no throwing rotten tomatoes at me for sounding very non-geeky in the next few sentences, BUT...

I'm a really visual person and need to see something done tangibly sometimes before it really "clicks" for me.

I've got my site and am using the Blogger engine for publishing and the whatnot... but I also want to cut those ties... I'd like to use WordPress or MT, but I just don't know how to go about setting it up on my server. I'v read over the 'structions a couple times and each time my eyes just glaze over and I feel dizzy...

Anyone willing to explain it to me in a See Spot run. type of way?

And no, I'm a brunette :P
egorgry 12 years ago
Good. Now take a look at falbum
It rocks my socks. Here is My gallery
egorgry 12 years ago
Insanity Infusion,

I took a look at your sites backend and you seem to be hosted on with access to mysql databases. The hardest part is setting up teh database. Hopefully there is a component in the control panel to manage a mysql DB. it should walk you through it. Once the DB is created teh word press part is a walk in the park. Let me know if you need assistance.
Felipe Navarro V. 12 years ago
Wordpress is THE way!
yeah, the only thing that I some issues with was the DB install as well.
For some reason it seemed to work out after a while on it's own... weird.
andrea.paiola 12 years ago
my site
WP is great!
Groups Beta