noisy actor [deleted] 8:23am, 14 February 2006
I'm planning on getting a new phone (my Sony Ericsson is getting old).

Should I get a RAZR or SLVR? (Even if it's not one of these options, add your suggestion!)

I'm leaning towards the RAZR, but that iTunes feature in the SLVR is pulling me in, even if it's only 100 songs and pretty crappy.
Bernard- 12 years ago
I like my razr. Personally I don't like a lot of add-ons. If you want a music player, get an ipod. The same thing can be said with the camera on phones.
VivaAntarctica 12 years ago
They have a itunes version razr, plus you can hack the firmware on the older razrs to get 30 songs. the problem being , the older units have no headphone jack.

I hear wonderful things about the sony erricson w800 line though.

decent camera 2mp , great music player , and obvisuly the phone is on par.

I have a bit of buyers remorse over the price I paid (650usd) for the razr, (now free) however I'll admit that I really like the fact i can't tell it's even on my person. It just disapears in to my side pocket. No buldge or anything. (same pro's apply to slve as well, however i am partial to flips)
tomroyal PRO 12 years ago
Neither. Or rather nthr. SE's Walkman phone (orange and white) is probably the best available at the moment. 12 years ago
Motorola's software tends to be crap. I actually don't use my RAZR anymore. I could only stand it about a month, and went back to my 2 years-old Nokia 6600. The RAZR software (as loaded by T-Mobile at least) feels like 1995.
VivaAntarctica 12 years ago
ahem...I thought this was the geeks forum. Who uses stock software/firmware anyways?

That was the 1st thing i did when I got my razr. I felt like a walking cingular adversment with the jax (cingular logo) on the side as i made phone calls.
VivaAntarctica 12 years ago ericson has a boatload of free apps and such on thier website.
firewallender 12 years ago
I have a Samsung e635 - which I really like, but is seriously lacking bluetooth. My assistant just bought the SLVR, and I have to say, I'm pretty jealous. It has a lot of niiiiice features and feels so much more solid than the RAZR, which I hated just for being a wide flip phone.
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